Monday, July 26, 2004

Yankees & Red Sox

I love the rivalry.  Even if sometimes it gets out of control.  I am not a Yankee nor Red Sox fan.  But their rivalry with each other has been very intense over the years.  Last weekend, there was a bench-clearing brawl between these two teams.   Did you know that when the New England Patriots football team won the Super Bowl, its fans chanted, "Yanks suck!  Yanks suck!"  I mean, it is not baseball, it is friggin' football -- but the fans do not care.  They still want to say something bad about the Yankees.  Even in New York, The NY POST and NY DAILY NEWS has been relentlessly pounding on Boston Red Sox's antics in the last few days.  The bench-clearing brawl was a front page for both tabloids over the weekend.
I am from The South.  I know how Duke hated North Carolina.  I know how Virginia hated Maryland.  I know how the Cowboys and the Redskins viewed each other with contempt.  I know how Miami hated Florida State.  I know how much Virginia women's basketball team abhorred Tennessee Lady Volunteers
I personally hated Tennessee Lady Volunteers.  On a women's basketball mailing list which has roughly 3,000 subscribers that consist of fans, media folks, coaches and yes, some players.  Few years ago, on that mailing list, when Tennessee was riding No. 1 in the nation and has players like Tamika Catchings, Chamique Holdsclaw and Semeka Randall running the show in Knoxville -- I was fuming.  I cracked a bad joke on the mailing list that many subscribers found it to be disgusting and still hold me to that for years, even today.  I said, "Anyone please blow its bus tires so that the bus will roll down off some mountain and finish some players so that we don't have to see Tennessee play again this year?"
That was tasteless of me, I know.  I was young and frustrated.  I learned the lesson not to utter something like that.  Needless to say, the mailing list subscribers attacked me relentlessly but I was like Mordru, I thrived on that -- I am like, "Attack me more, attack me more.  Make me stronger than ever!"
On another hand, Delanne is moving to Seattle.  Which means one thing, I will get to visit Seattle once in a while.  And that makes me a happy person.
The bastard, Lance Armstrong, won the Tour De France.  That really made me so disappointed.  Seeing him counting to six titles with his hands off the bike in a condescending manner made me want to throw a metal pipe into his wheel and see him flip over.  Then I would die of hysterical laughter.

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