Monday, July 05, 2004

Fire Island I: The Transportation

As the sun arose over the skyscrapers of Manhattan and into my apartment, I rolled off the bed. Cynthia smiled and said, "We have to get ready! But we are so fucked up!" I nodded and laughed. Showertime. We parted as she hopped in a truck with her friends en route to Sayville. I went to the subway to get to Penn Station to meet BJ, LJ, Web, Katie, Patrice and few others.

$12 for a Long Island Railroad (LIRR) round-trip to Sayville in Long Island. $3 for a van trip to the Ferry from the Sayville LIRR Station. $8 for the round-trip to Fire Island by Ferry service. So in total, $26 for the whole trip itself. It is like going to Six Flags just to get in the park!

On the train, I noticed that there are hundreds of gay men heading out to Fire Island. They are mostly twinks, pretty bois and muscular men.

Did you know that on my right foot, I can force my toes to say "Fuck you"? Well, it sounds lame, but I can. And I shared the secret with my friends on the train.

Fire Island is about a mile outside of Long Island. BJ explained that we were going to The Pines, the site of "Invasion" which occurs on 4th of July. He explained that some years ago, the Pines does not welcome drag queens. So some drag queens decided to invade in the area, forcing The Pines to accept them at all costs. Thus marked the annuall "invasion" of The Pines.

On Fire Island, The Pines is on the eastern edge of the island with Cherry Grove on its western edge. Meatracks is situated between these two communities. It is interesting to note that no papers talked about Meatracks but everyone talked about it informally.

When I arrived at The Pines, I was bewildered at the numbers of gay men. It appeared that we might need a gay passport to enter a gay nation. Fire Island is a gay nation unto itself.

More about The Pines in Fire Island II.


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