Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Thavith, Jonathan & My Wrath

Remember Thavith?  He emailed me today to ask whether if I have a room for him to stay for few days. 
That is a dilemma.  Jonathan is arriving tonight from the District.  I like Jonathan.   Only time will tell whether if I can have one of them.  Thavith is probably a long shot because he is an international traveller in promoting his Judaism.  Whereas, Jonathan is more into me.
Easy decision?  But feelings are bit harder to deal with.
Don't you guys think Lance Armstrong looks like a gay guy?  The posters of him in NYC called "The Age of Cyclysm" with Lance staring out.  It strikes me as ... so gay.  His body language, his posture -- never mind him kissing his girlfriend when he conveniently brought her in front of the media.  He is so gay. 
I'm furious at Dan & Ron, my former roommates in Brooklyn.  Last night, I was cleaning the videotapes, I was looking for three women's basketball games, mainly Virginia vs.  Tennessee in '95, '96 and '01.  It was erased, I was stunned.  I looked at what is on the tape -- apparently, three hockey games were recorded on my favorite games.  Judging the dates, it was evident that it was done with malice.  Because they knew it was my favorite games and it was recorded last January.
Dan & Ron are two fattest, ugliest fags who are committed to each other.  Dan is about 5'10, 300 lbs.  Ron is 5'8, 350 lbs with a limping leg.  It was always gross to see them kiss each other. 
Both tried to audition for some plays in New York but failed to succeed (Dan & Ron, it is because you are so fat and ugly -- why do you think your couch & bed does not have legs?), so they left for Las Vegas, trying to audition at some shows.  Dan & Ron, if I see you in Las Vegas when I am visiting Jess or Chlms, be very afraid.

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