Monday, July 12, 2004

Some Tidbits

Erin Casler won Miss Deaf America Pageant. Erin does not stop to amaze me. She was an outspoken feminist. I guess, moving to Sioux Falls toned her feminist rhetoric down by a mile to a point where she has to compete in a pageant.

I remembered Jason telling me that his boyfriend's mother accused of killing her pet bird. I was baffled. I asked Jason what happened. Apparently, the pet bird was very old and sleeping in the cage. Gus, Jason's boyfriend, decided to put the cover on the birdcage for the night. Somehow, Jason got a big butt, his butt accidentally hit the birdcage and shook the birdcage. Giving the old bird a heart attack and dropped dead.

Shish Kebob has a new blog up and running. Check her out. She is the one who saved her drink but not her pager when she plunged into the pool. Smack!

I learned something interesting on PBS (See? I love these documentaries!!), the beer, Guinness signed for a lease that will last 9,000 years. Wow.

Guess what? The NY Daily News talked about the cuddle party! The same one I mentioned in my blog after I discovered it from Shane! I guess someone at NYDN is reading my blog. Whee.

There is a school in Virginia called Washington and Lee University. What am I trying to say? I personally think we should change Gallaudet University to Gallaudet and Clerc University. It is a travesty that we named a dormitory after the nation's first Deaf teacher. It is common that many deaf schools tend to name dormitories or other lesser buildings to deaf persons. I do not care if there is Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, primarily for Model Secondary School for the Deaf and Kendall Demonstration Elementary School. I want Laurent Clerc to be on the same level with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Not less or above. Just the same. I'm all for the change.


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