Monday, July 12, 2004

Omit Pride out of Gay Pride Parade?

I'm now on Anger chapter of Dan Savage's Skipping Towards Gomorrah.

IN "Pride" chapter, where it talked about how sexual the Gay Pride Parades tend to be. Kevin, Jake and Tim kept on saying that the parades are for "gay youth" but Dan looks around. No (probably not many) young 'uns.

It talks about how we need to promote that being "gay is good". Actually, Dan is right. The whole rhetoric of "gay is good" is all b.s.

We have good and bad people in Gay Communities. Look at me, some people thinks I'm evil. There are gay men who are passing HIV to other unsuspecting gay men like free candies or condoms. Not only that, it is no secret that when a very good-looking guy comes out of the closet, they are constantly hit on by older gay men.

Dan said he learned the hard way when he was young. I agreed with him. I learned the hard way, too. Being Gay is not fun, especially in dealing with gay men who are incredibly judgmental. It took me a while to stand up and say, "Fuck off, let me be me."

All in all, I think the parade should remove "pride" out of this parade & festival. Call it Gay Day Parade. Or Gay Parade.

Look at Kevin, Jake and Tim -- they said: "We came here to laugh at the freaks." It says it all. They worked so hard to buff themselves, to look hot so that they will not be branded as freaks. So they feel they had the right to laugh at others who are not like them. So much for pride.


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