Friday, July 09, 2004


I grew up in The South. In a little way, I was indoctrinated by the peers that African Americans are humans first, but they are not exactly smart like the caucasians are. It is more of an attitude than knowledge, really. When you go to the grocery store, you see these thugs bulldozing their ways around. You became used to it and assumed that many of African Americans are like that.

Until I met Chanda, I was like that. But after I hung out, partied, loitered and fucked up with Chanda, my perceptions of people in general were totally removed.

In fact, when we first met, the way she talked, she completely trashed my perceptions. I cannot help but laughed so hard.

From there, I considered her as a good friend. It was always funny to see her walking to me and say, "Tell me what is happening on the campus! Tell me tell me tell me!" I'm like, "Ok, once upon a time ..." She'd squeak and say, "Not again, but go ahead!" Beth would throw in some insane comments about something else. The communication between me, KB, Chanda, Beth and few others can be misconstrued as something bizarre because I do not think people outside of our group would understand what we were talking about.

One time, Chanda was thirsty and hungry. She poured vodka on her pizza slice and drank/ate it. What am I supposed to react? I'm like, "Ok, you are satisfied. What's next?"

Chanda was extremely intelligent. She never studied. She just read the textbooks, not studied, JUST READ -- then aced the courses in her sleep.

She absolutely hated dresses and make-ups. She loved the dramas. She was a sucker for big-time dramas with friends.

The New Years' Eve Party at Chanda, KB & Beth's apartment were purely wacko. Lots of insanity occured in that timespan.

How can you not smile at this?

It is been 7 years since Chanda died.

Of course, I miss her. Very much.


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