Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Amazing Race

I am enjoying the reality show called "The Amazing Race", I hope it is on tonight.  I am addicted to the race.
I was thinking:
Who should I pair up to apply for the slot on The Amazing Race with?
I wanted Chlms, but she declined because she's pregnant.
There are choices to make:
Mikey, Mr. Chapstick, Mark, KB, Rico and yeah, Todd Newman. 
Mikey, Mr. Chapstick, Mark and Rico are gay.  Rico from The Netherlands.  Mark from Wichita, Kansas.  Mr. Chapstick is everywhere but currently in Alaska.  Mikey is in Los Angeles.  Todd is straight, married but yet so close friend of mine from D.C.

Which one should I pick?

Mikey would be so dramatic.  He'd be Nicole Ritchie while I am Paris Hilton.  Mr. Chapstick and I would have the stimulating, twisting and funny remarks about everything else, really.  Rico and I would crack horrific jokes about others.  Mark and I would use our faces to communicate and win the whole thing. 

Todd is charming, good-looking dude that could easily win him millions of female fans while I sit and whine. 

Which one should I pick before I try to apply for one?  Just for fun?


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