Thursday, July 22, 2004

14 Street In Manhattan

There is so many things that you can find on 14 Street in Manhattan.  Granted that I live on that particular street does not mean that I am biased.  Common sense dictates I say something about this. 
The street sliced through Chelsea, Union Square, Gramercy Park and East Village.  So you get to see diversity from all walks of life on this particular street.  At 4:30 AM in the morning, you will not be able to walk on an empty sidewalk on this particular street.  Impossible.  There is always someone else on the sidewalk.  If not, I will personally eat my ears.  At 4:30 PM during the rush hours, the street is filled with people.  Poor, rich, ugly, beautiful, black, white, purple, green ... you get the picture.  It is always interesting.
In Chelsea, you get to see pretty "bois" walking around as if they were granted the diva status by God.  IN general, they are disgusting people to befriend because their main topics of conversations were crystal meth, abercrombie & fitch clothes, and who's hot?  Of course, I exaggerated on this subject, really.  But generally, I'm not fond of Chelsea boys, they tire me out much faster than Graystorm can.  So I say SYL to them.
In Union Square, a square that was named after the first union that picketed against some company -- according to some information that I read around the Union Square, several people were killed during the first union protest in this particular area.  Today, it is beautiful square filled with lots of wacky people.  Sometimes you get to see a person using bullhorn to rant against Israel, Palestine, Bush, or even against Graystorm.  In fact, you can rant against anything else, really.  Some fellas wanted to show off by doing some dances, skateboarding moves ... they do it at Union Square for others to watch. 
Plenty of food and stuff to purchase -- the coolest thing about Union Square is that during the springtime, you get to sit on a park bench and watch people go by.  It is always refreshing to watch people walk fast, slow, limp, skating or whatever they do.  In the Holidays, they set up many tents to sell cheap stuff to purchase for the Holidays, I was impressed with the stuff that they sell. 
As for East Village, lots of ruff-raff types down the street that always make me smile.  People can be so funny, when they wanted to.  For instance, on 14 Street and Avenue C, there is ConEd Power Plant.  Lots of men are tough-looking guys.  They are truly macho and I always felt awkward around them.  They stared at me as if "who's that guy over there?  Is he newbie around here?  But I have seen the way they sat and ate lunch at Dynasty Restaurant on the corner of 14 Street and Avenue B, these macho-looking guys can be sweet and flirtatious towards gay men who operated the restaurant. 
From the end of 14 Street by Hudson River to the end of 14 Street by East River, it takes about an hour and half of walk, should you not stop by any store or gawk at fellas in Chelsea or Union Square. 
I think it is safe to say that this particular street has more diversity than any place in the Midwest.
It probably has coolest stores that you cannot find it in Indianapolis or Cincinnati.  ;-)
Ahh, time to walk down the street to my palace.

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