Saturday, July 24, 2004

Saturday Morning

Yesterday, it rained all day long.  The climate was soggy and brisky.  I opened the windows to let the cold air in.  Suffice to say, I was reading the book on my bed and fell asleep at 7:45 PM. 
I woke up the next day at 7:15AM.  Wow, I thought.  I wondered whatever happened during the nighttime?  To find out, I decided to watch the morning news on all channels, thank God for the remote control.  With the remote control, I rule the universe. 
Ahh, there is a manhole explosion in Hell's Kitchen.  How appropriate. 
I stumbled upon an episode of a cool show called Teen Titans.  When I was a kid, my 2nd older sister (All of my sisters are older than I am, though), Lily always passed The New Teen Titans comic book to me after she is done with it.  For a long time, I always enjoyed the drama of Raven and her relationship with her father, Trigon The Terrible
It was fitting that the episode which I stumbled upon also introduced Trigon The Terrible as well.  I enjoyed it very much.
My roommate has started to subscribe Netflix.  And it has been arriving at a speed time and Surdus did not fix the DVD machine enough to a point where we can view a movie.  Mofo, fix it or you'll never set a foot in our palace, faggot. ;-)
I hadn't gotten a chance to see many films in the last two years.  And you bet I will make up for what I missed out ... !
Web is on vacation.  She is currently in an area near Olympia, Washington to visit her cute brother (Trust me, her brother is hottie -- sorry, Web, has to say the truth!).  If things do permit Roger, Web probably will see Roger from Vancouver and to check up on Rog's toddler.  After that, she'll fly down to Las Vegas to relax a little on her own.  There, Jess and Chlms shall wait for Web's arrival. 
I'm bit miffed that Jonathan, Chlms' husband, won't be there because I already gave Web the instructions what to do with Jonathan. 
I see that my blogsite has been viewed 6,000 times already since the first week of April.  Average of 1,500 per month.  Not bad.  I think I like this blog.  It is fun to elicit such comments from people.  Of course, anonymous comments (probably from Masa or Cody) are always stupid.
Until then,

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