Monday, July 05, 2004

Fire Island II: The Pines

Upon arriving in The Pines, lots of people waved when the boats docked. I was VEE-VEE at the warmth atmosphere surrounding the island. One immediate thing that surprised me the most is that Fire Island is not a beach town. It is not like Rehoboth Beach.

In fact, what they have in Fire Island made Rehoboth Beach look bad. IN fact, Fire Island is in its own level away from Key West and Rehoboth Beach, Mark said. Mark said, "I never have been to a place that is overwhelmingly gay or gay-oriented."

The beach is in the back facing the ocean. The Pines is situated in the front facing Long Island. It has bars, stores, restaurants with the maze of wood-made for walkways around the houses.

I was jolted by a friend of mine whom I knew in Manhattan -- the same guy that Merritt and Manny met at GLBT Center -- Manny & Merritt, remmy the Leech comments? Y-E-S -- the same guy!

That guy greeted me and I chatted a little before Web hijacked me to head out to Sorace's place. My friends and I strolled to a house on a wood-sidewalk throughout the forest-lushy neighborhood with magnificent homes.

By God, The Pines are reserved for these people who has money to spend. I kept on looking at people, they are simply friendly. I also saw four deers mingling around the island all day long.

Had a good time at Sorace's place, swam, partied and chatted.

Roberts fell in the pool by accident and too bad, she saved her drink but not her pager. I saw the whole thing. It was tragic and funny.

Bruce, Jimmy and others were gracious hosts of the party. Thank you, guys!!

Later, we went to the Harbor to check out the annual "Invasion of The Pines". The ferry boat is full of drag queens as the boat docked at The Pines, lots of people drinking and having good times. I was not impressed. It could be better. Anyway, we went back to Sorace's Place for a while. It was fun hanging out with Mark and make fun of others.

Up next is Fire Island III: The Terrors of Meatracks!


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