Monday, July 26, 2004

Hail To The New MDA 2004-2006

I still cannot help it.  I still snicker when I see this picture of Erin Casler, the newest Miss Deaf America for 2004-2006.
For some, they might wonder why I snickered at this.  It is because I personally knew Erin along with my close friends -- KB, Perlis, Web, Chanda, Erik and many more.  Let's say that I, along with these friends, underwent many tribulations and triumphs with Erin as well.  Let's say that we witnessed her transformation from the days we hung and partied together to the girl who now wears the tiara.  Erik is going to be mad that Erin has his tiara.
Erin is no saint, no question about it.  She is strong woman.  When she wants it, she will get it at all costs.
So seeing her as Miss Deaf America is bit unnerving at times.  Maybe it is because I am not used to the idea of seeing a friend whom I knew very well as Miss Deaf America.  I do not know at this moment. 
Erin Casler in the middle next to Nancy Bloch, the NAD Silver Spring's Permanent Resident Queen and this guy is Andy Lange ... let's say that I do have a naughty detail about Andy . . .

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