Monday, July 19, 2004

Hotel Frustration II

Ahh.  There is another tale about my frustrations with hotels.  Actually, this happened *last* year when Mark and I went to Atlanta and Myrtle Beach for a week.
In Durham, North Carolina -- Mark and I stayed at Fairfield Inn for a night.  We were bit cheapskate and wanted to feast on Continental Breakfast which was free.  We were pretty tired and strolled down to the area where they provided these food.  I realized that the butter packets with aluminum covered were frozen.  I was not in mood to struggle putting the frozen butter on a toast.  I was too tired, remember?
I threw the packets into the microwave.  Turned to see Mark's face in horror as I turned to see the static exploding in the microwave.  I ran to get it out.  Whew.  It didn't burn the hotel down.
Then in Atlanta, we had a reservation at Courtyard Hotel in Midtown, a gay section of Atlanta near Downtown.  Upon arriving, we were very tired and cranky.  Then we entered the hotel and saw the front desk.  Mark yapped as I nodded, it was obvious that we are Deaf.  HELLO, EVERYONE!
At the front desk, I requested the paper and pen.  One lady stared at me, then at Mark.  Mark got cranky and turned his head around.  I said, "Hey, paper and pen, please."  She responded, "What?" 
I opened my right palm as to indicate a paper and used my left hand to point on my palm to gesture a paper and pen.  She still do not get it.  I yelled, "PEN!"
She flicked.  She gave me the pen.  I said, "And?"  She just stood and stared.  I got irritated and started to stomp on the desk and start writing on the desk.  She panicked and ran around to get the papers and gave it to me.
Then I blasted her that it was a simple gesture for me to repeat hundreds of time!  She apologized profusely.  Anyway, we got what we needed and rushed off to bed for the night.  Suffice to say, for few days, she was terrified of me.  Of course, I am the Gay Deaf Militant Terrorist.
Good riddance.

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