Sunday, July 18, 2004

You Are Finished, Chlms!

There were an episode on Will & Grace where Grace eloped with the doctor and came home.  Grace told Will about it.  Will was not happy that he was not included nor informed in advance about this.  The whole episode ended up having Will arguing with Grace about it, but eventually, as always, they made up.
Such is inevitable that happened to me and Chlms last Thursday night.
Chlms is finished.  She is hitched.  First Delanne, second Rayni and now third, Chlms. 
Of course, I was bit upset, but not as upset as Will, but more than baffled and flustered.  Not only that, she also dropped a MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) on me.  She is pregnant.  Is it me or everyone is getting pregnant and married?  Must be the age thing.  Give me a fucking break. 
Well, I checked the pictures of Chlms and her beau.  Cute.  Jonathan, your VISA application has been approved.  Congratulations. 
Here is the odd thing:  The guy I am seeing in New York is ... Jonathan. 
Here are the pictures of Chlms and her beau. 
Why smile so hard that you could just crack your teeth apart? 
Ahh, your butt is showing, Chlms.  Jonathan, your job is to take care of her.  I'm done with her.  Thank God!
Ahh.  Here is the certificate that Chlms was sold as a slave to Jonathan.
Such is a life in this world.  I knew Chlms for 13 years.  She is insane girl from Conway, Arkansas.  Her parents are charming fellows that I enjoyed chatted from time to time.  It is remarkable that there is an open-minded folks in the midst of Arkansas countryside.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your Abrams' family. 

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