Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Just When You Thought They'd Die ...

CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) has been growing and did not cease to amaze me with the fact that it is non-profit organization but it has money. Money to spend. Money to crush NAD if they wanted to. In fact, it probably has money to run the university.

And they just announced that they will set up a basketball clinic for 5th-12th graders and call it Ronda Jo Miller Basketball Clinic. Do I hear the collective groans out there?

Don't get me wrong about this phenomenon woman, I love Ronda Jo Miller's performances on hardwood floor. She is a savvy monster. She can make you forget that there are 4 other teammates playing along with her. She can dribble, shoot, rebound, block and do more.

But CSD's position in spawning itself all over the nation is something that makes me nervous at times. I think they're OK, but I heard about the salaries, the elitism et al. Frankly, something is wrong with the picture. I heard that it drove the fabled YLC out of its campgrounds after the NAD refused to let the CSD buy/steal/own YLC.

Only time will tell.

Where is that damned The Silent News when you need it the most?

Thanks a lot, Jon Kovacs.


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