Friday, July 30, 2004

Politics and Bullshit

Last night, I watched the segment of Democratic Party National Convention. I noticed something interesting. Too many thumb-up signs. Calm down, John Kerry and John Edwards! Don't overuse it like everyone else is doing with ILY sign! I squeal when Edwards repeated the sign.

You know, in some countries, that thumb-up sign is very offensive. So be careful.

Since we are on the same wavelength, let's look at this -- Democratic Party Convention took place in Boston. This time, for Republicans, they are swarming into New York for the first time in 150 years, primarily because they chose NYC as a way to gain some kind of support of what happened during the 9/11 tragedy. In fact, they pushed the dates to August 29 - September 2.

The majority of Manhattanites are not happy with the fact that Republicans will swarm in this city. They are bringing many problems to Penn Station, Penn Station is located right below the Madison Square Garden, the site of RNC. In an attempt to control people and terrorism, they decided to close the entrances to the Penn Station and leave one open. This is going to be a huge mess for the commuters.

Republicans want to close the roads around MSG, lots of people are suing to keep it open. So much drama. Now with this website running to let the Republicans know that they are not welcome in this magnificent town. I am looking forward to the event on September 1st that might disrupt the Republicans' time in New York. They certainly deserve it very much. They disrupted our lives from time to time, now it's their turn.

Now on a different story, I read this article -- the Sharapova-Myskina tugfest reminded me of the days before at Gallaudet when Heather Whitestone won Miss America, the media quickly flocked to Gallaudet campus and asked some students about their opinions of Heather Whitestone.

Most of our reactions were, "She's not really deaf." Suddenly, a lot of drama ensued in the next few days to a point where Heather Whitestone had to show up and spray us with her voice, "I a m H e a t h e r W h i t e s t o n e a n d I c a n s p e a k v e r y w e l l - - s o c a n y o u ! !"



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