Tuesday, July 06, 2004

WNBA's Timeout

Aside from my rampages in the Fire Island, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge MIchele Van Gorp for being casual about herself in a professional league.

I personally dislike her because she played at Duke, a rival of Virginia Cavaliers whom I favored since I was a kid. As of lately, Duke has been somewhat dominant figure in the ACC. Dookies certainly pissed me off when they stole the win from us by a controversial foul that resulted in a 60-59 win for Duke two years ago. I'm happy that Van Gorp is being casual, but she is still a Dookie to me first of all.

Anyway, I just hope that Mike Piazza will follow her example and be casual about it. Besides, who says "I am not homosexual"? If I was straight guy, I would say that I am not gay, instead of using "homosexual". Something is wrong with this picture...


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