Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Few Jabs: Dartmouth, HushStorm and Sith Queens

Last November, I went to Hanover, New Hampshire with Chris and Shane for Dartmouth College's Gay-Lesbian Alumni Reunion. I wrote during my stay in Hanover which Dartmouth is the heartbeat of Hanover.

You see, Chris graduated from Dartmouth. Yes, he's a hearing but he's my friend first. When I was a junior at Gallaudet, Dartmouth intrigued me after its fierce battle with Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball team in the NCAA Tournament which Virginia won by 3. Dartmouth intrigued me becaue of its attitude. Meeting Chris kinda echoed my suspicions about Dartmouth. Chris asked me if I wanted to go with him to Dartmouth. I seized upon the opportunity.

I did mention to Chris that I was hoping to meet Dartmouth's Andrew Goldstein, an All-American lacrosse player who is probably the first gay to come out of the closet, especially with 'team-based' sport while he is STILL on the team. Gymnastics, fencing, figure skating and swimming do not count, honey. Chris grinned and said that anything can happen but no high hopes. I never saw him, though. Maybe I did but was too distracted with the beauty of the college and its town and Andrew probably passed me by. Who knows?

There are athletic players (no, working at the gym does not count!) who are gay like Dave Kopay and Billy Bean. But they came out of the closet AFTER they stopped playing. Of course, they do not count. Andrew is the first. Billy Bean turned me off when I went to see his lecture which he lacked an interpreter (after I asked for one) and I fired an email to Billy which he took a fucking YEAR to answer it!

But either way, I'm glad that ESPN did a great spotlight on Andrew Goldstein. You can read the articles I talked about the visit to Dartmouth on this, that and there.

Andrew Sullivan is correct when he said that we will win the whole thing related to gay issues including marriage because people will see that being gay is not a threat to the society after dealing with their teammate in Andrew Goldstein. We may losing battles as of now, but when the baby boomers are dead and removed from the society, they will be replaced by Gen X and others who probably will outpoll and outvote the anti-gay folks in everything. Mark my words.

* * *

Aarie of HushStorm lied! He said that "The Grudge" is not good as it is. I thought it was scary flick. I told Jason that if that damned child tried to yowl at me -- I'll fucking jump on the kid just to throw him off the track -- I won't show my fears. He agreed. Then I walked in the kitchen to get a drink -- then walked back to the living room through the dining room in the dark. Jason sprang like that child from the movie in the dining room -- scared me shitless. I nearly tossed the drink away. I actually screamed enough to wake up the Vietnamese and Guatemalans and some dead folks around here! Damn Jason.

* * *

I was supposed to head back to Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon. But ... the group insisted that I stay one more day so that we can watch the open captioned of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at 9:45 PM. Yes, I already saw the film two weeks ago with rear window captions, I was overwhelmed and confused for the first 30 minutes because I was not used to the RWC thing. But now with the open captioned film in Chinatown's new Gallery Place Regal Cinemas, why not? So expect to see us there!


Monday, May 30, 2005

Perhaps ...

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

I took the Metro subway to Greenbelt. The line where I rode is filled with tourists for the Memorial Day Weekend. I saw a child lying on the subway platform, bored out of its mind, rolled around the floor. Its tongue touching the platform floor as the child's parents begged it not to stick the tongue on the floor. If I was a hearing person, I would kneel down to the child and say, "Honey, last night someone vomitted on this very spot. Think about it."

Proceeded to see Darlene for a dinner. We pretty much caught up with everything else. It was nice seeing Karl, Therese, Alexander and Heidi. Therese made a fabulous dinner of roast beef. I enjoyed it very much.

Soon I split from them in Chinatown en route to DuPont Circle, trying to beat the closing time at the store -- I failed.

So off to the Lizard Lounge. It is filled with twinks and bois, much to my disappointment. Lots of shoves and pushes, since my left knee is still not 100 percent healthy, it was pretty aggravating for others to bump into me. Naturally, drink after another drink, I became expressive in what I expect of others to behave.

I busted one wannabe interpreter trying to eavesdrop our conversations then I blasted him to smithereens that it was rude of him to do that. He profusely apologized.

Blah, blah, blah. I bumped into ... Luke and Ted! Two hearing friends of mine in the District whom I hadn't seen in nearly 4 years. They looked so good. It was such a blessing in disguise to see them in a lousy place like Lizard Lounge.

I also bumped into an acquaintenance whom I knew from New York in that bar.

We ended up gong home at 6 AM.

So today was very shitty for me and we are going to rent some horror movies so that we can snicker at sissies' shrieks tonight. Poor the neighbors.


Sunday, May 29, 2005


A Checklist For Sunday

_X__ See Darlene for a dinner!

____ Buy Kyle Breakfast and Bed's Inn graphic novel!

____ Buy JSA's Princes of Darkness!

_X__ Buy a jockstrap!

_X__ Go to Lizard Lounge tonight!

Ta ta!


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Big Ben Stopped

I saw a joke on MAD-TV where a dumb blonde twink was distraught to learn that Big Ben was named after a building, not someone's penis in London. He came back to the States and told his gay friends who wept at that. Hysterical, though.

Here is the information about Big Ben in London.


Mom Was Right

...And our Mothers said it'd make you blind or that your palm will grow hair if you jerk off too much. WE thought since they are women, they do not know a thing or two.

But now, it appears that they are correct, thanks to the FDA's announcement about the viagra linked to blindness!


Third Day

Ahh. I'm still crippled. If you saw me limping around the town, that is me. I personally suspected that I may have a minor ligament tear in my left knee. The reason why I suspected is because it kept on happening again and again.

Last night was relatively quiet night for all of us because we were largely exhausted from the fiasco on Thursday night. So we took it easy on ourselves and my dying knee.

Right now, Toby, Mikey, Wittig, Marby and I am staring at something in a bedroom right across from Toby's bedroom which is on 2nd floor. We are staring at a guy jerking off to the porn tape. The window is about 10 feet away from Toby's bedroom. All of us are enjoying the voyeurism. In fact, others are still upstairs watching the guy doing his nature's wonders.

The picture is grainy and bit dark -- but you can get the idea.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Stroke It, Baby!

Of course, Wittig wrote this on Toby's fridge two days ago, of course I responded.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



Friday, May 27, 2005

Last Night

Last night, as expected, drama ensued.

Had a good time with Jess, Wittig, Toby, Mikey, Marby and Manny at Green Lantern. Then we went to The Fireplace's for an hour. I chatted with the bartender whom I am quite fond of when I used to live in DC -- and God, she still remembered my favorite drink!

Met another blogger. His address is in my jeans' pocket somewhere in Toby's bedroom. I'll mention it later, he has a cute boyfriend.

Then we went to The Apex where drama continued. And my left knee gave away ... again. I was trying to get away from the crowd that seemed to mirred with shoves and pushing. Then suddenly, my left knee was too slow (maybe IT was drunk) to turn left and I crashed on the floor, tossed my drink on the crowd. It was evident that I was drunk because I was concerned about not finishing the drink more than my left knee and the crowd that my drink landed on.

And today, I'm nursing the sprained knee.

Only first night of 4, already I got injured. Go figure.


Remember Deborah Gideon?

A certain reader emailed me and said I could google the name and find her home address.

Deborah Gideon
(216) 464-4661
32389 Pinebrook Ln
Cleveland, OH 44124

To quote Lorna Dane's comments, "Let this be a golden opportunity to pass by, MAUL HER!"

Feel free to do whatever you wanted with this jerk-ass woman.


Carrie's Comments for Kurzetard

I got a request via the email from Carrie who felt that Kurzetard was defaming her character and reputation repeatedly without allowing her to defend herself at all. She asked me to publish this so that others will have an opportunity to read her comments on Kurzetard's obsession.

I personally knew Kurzetard's antics, she is not what you'd define as a good person to trust. She is manipulative person. So it is easy to see why people asked me to post their comments to defend themselves from her accusations and lies. And I like to think that I'm rational and good person -- I feel that there are many people who were ambushed by the Kurzs, something has to be done -- the Kurzs will be exposed for their manipulations with many people in some states.


* * *

n 1: words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another 2: an abusive attack on a person's character or good name [syn: aspersion, calumny, defamation, denigration] v : charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have defamed me!" "The article in the paper sullied my reputation" [syn:

Amt Kurz, I am so very tired of this banter. This will be the final rebuttal to any of your ridiculous, untrue comments.

First I would like to start off by informing you of what slander REALLY means. Above is the definition. Take special note of the words, "falsely", and "good name". Nothing I have said (or Christina for the matter) is false, nor do you have a good name. The only "slanderous" comments is informing the Deaf Community in Cedar Rapids not to use me as an interpreter. (which by the way my attorney is especially intrigued by, you are not the only person in the world who can"jpeg") Also that I would have ever sexually harass you. I have spoken to every member of the staff and asked them if I have ever come across in this manner and they all seem to think your nuts. I also find it very funny that you have a meeting with Human Recourse managers, principals and other "higher ups" knowing prior that they are going to ask you to leave. Instead you jump the gun, go into the meeting and give your 2 week notice. (which is why Christina said "run away") Following this meeting you come out to find that NONE of the rest of the staff thinks what you did was cool, so to get yourself out you make up some crazy story about me harassing you. ( I also wanted to inform you that when this was brought to my attention, the exact words used were "this is what was said.... we find no merit in her allegations) Following this meeting NOTHING was said to you at all. You didn't like that you looked so stupid making this crap up so you left. I think you need to start taking responsibility for your own actions and stop pushing things off onto other people.

Now I find no pleaser (unlike you) trying to make others feel bad about themselves. Call it a high self-esteem. However, you know nothing about me. I have a mother, I have friends that I have had since I was 5 years old. I do not use drugs (unlike you) and I take large pride in mothering my son. I do have breast implants. I do own a tanning bed. I do have a mole on my face. I do have a fiancé who loves me. I did put myself through college. I have a brother who is a homosexual. I have 1 mixed nephew and 2 mixed nieces. This is the way I choose to run my life.

You. Have no friends, that I am aware of. You do use drugs on a daily basis before going to your job, covering up the pot smell in various ways. (or at least you did here) You are not such a great mother. (at least that is what you told me yourself, in regards to your children and there behavior at school) You had your boobs reduced, and love to show people pictures of it. You are no where near tan. You have a husband that drinks and puts your entire family in danger, MORE THAN ONCE. You went to college and have many stories of women loving you and wanting to beat up your husband so you will date them. But you are prejudice against anyone who is gay, hearing, or of any other color than you. Tell me something do you lock you car door when a black person walks by, or do they have to be gay also?

I could go on and on about you and your hypocritical way of life, but I HAVE things to do. So I will just conclude by saying.... Amy no one likes you at Arthur. Not a one person. You have either pissed them off by something you said, or did. But the big reason is the way you treated the student you aided. You were abusive. Was it the drug use?

Get your own life and leave mine alone. By the way, Christina is married, has a child and does not work in a bar. Get it right next time. You make yourself look so stupid. The emails you post on your blog have the names blocked because they are not from anyone at Arthur. Why if they worked with me would they call me "that damn lady"?

Thanks, Carrie

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Response to Deborah Gideon

Here is my response to Deborah Gideon of Pepper Pike, Ohio who wrote this to People magazine, dated May 23, 2005:
Hear Say

Has activist Marvin Miller lost more than just his hearing in "Building a Town for the Deaf"? Through the miracle of the cochlear implant, my deaf child lives in the world of hearing. Deafness is not a culture but a disability. Miller gives new meaning to the expression "deaf and dumb".

Spoken like a true retard, is she?

Deborah, this world is not hearing. It is not deaf's, either. It is the world for everyone else. It belonged to each of us. Obviously, you did not research or listen to understand something -- Marvin Mille is not attempting to set a town for Deaf people, he is attempting to establish a town for SIGNERS. People who uses sign language.

After all, this is the United States of America -- the land of opportunity -- we do not have to conform to your absurd ideals of normalcy, Deborah. Your vision of normalcy is barbaric, demeaning and unnatural for us who uses the sign language on a daily basis.

Your beliefs that cochlear implants is a miracle is misplaced at its best. It indicated that you will do anything to "hearize" your child in order to make it "un"Deaf -- honey, it won't work. Even you already identified your child as Deaf before anything else -- he'll be always Deaf first. You may attempt to "hearize" your child, but your child eventually will abandon you for our world where s/he can be appreciated by people who knew hir frustrations and struggles. It has been like that for hundreds of years. The cochlear implants will *not* make a dent in the Deaf Community, it will terrorize and dissipate -- like oralism, hearing aids and all that shit.

According to the dictionary.com, culture is:
The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.

We have a language, our sets of customs, arts, beliefs, institutions et al and your point is irrelevant. Deaf culture is a culture as much as it is tied with disability, like it or not.

But you're just retard, bigot and ignorant who wanted to normalize something that is not even there in the first place, Deborah.

Do I expect you to reason? Of course not, because you are typical hearie to start with.


It is 7:43 PM

I'm in Washington, DC at Tobes' Palace, eating the dinner. Then we will crash Green Lantern, The Fireplace and the Apex, just for the heck of it.

I needed that!

My god, Marby is here! This will guarantee the massive drama tonight somewhere in DuPont Circle since Marby is with Mikey and Toby. I'll enjoy the show.


'Black Girl'

In Waxahachie, Texas -- 219 miles north of Houston (where this nutty conservative blogger, Rhymes With Right resided), there was an incident that the high school tried to downplay this as a "mistake".

What happened is that there was a picture for a group who were selected by the National Honor Society. The pictures indicated that everyone in the group is white trash, except for one black girl. But don't worry, each white trash was identified with a name, the black girl was named ... 'Black Girl'.

The school said that it was meant to put as "a placeholder" in order to identify the student's name before printing the yearbook. They did not identify at all and got the yearbook printed THEN distributed to the student body. The school board immediately issued an apology to the family.

But either way, why did they use that term "Black Girl"? It is a tone of racism, "That black girl".

The apology is questionable, since the media is involved. "If it was a placeholder, why would you put that?" Shadoyia Jones asked. "Anything else would have worked for me but that."

But again it is in Texas! What do you expect out of this state that always challenged and resisted the nation of its rapid changes. It wanted to retain the sense of balance, the sense of oppression, the sense of superiority. That is Texas!

And Greg, the Texan conservative blogger, did not blog about it. Greg always blogged lots of things related to liberalism and/or democrats when it comes to bad stuff but when his conservatives and party controlled this, he went silent. Or he thought it was not important subject to deal with it. After all, he liked the idea of being above than the other races, eh?

If you look at many things in the last 20 years, Texas seemed to produce many horrible events. Enron. GW Bush. Racism. Environment. Education. Gay rights. Many more.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This and Amanda's Appearance

Before hitting the sack, Merritt told me to check this. This website is "Brothers & Sisters", a deaf-owned gay and lesbian club in London for the United Europe. It is interesting -- as you can see this with RAD.org -- which one is more vibrant?

You bet they are better than RAD. It is shameful. But what do you expect from old farts who tried to hijack the RAD for themselves? Probably lacked the chances to fuck anyone else in the process so they had to control *something* -- voila, it is the RAD!

Cheers to Brothers & Sisters, Jeers to RAD!

Now with this: The link to the videotape is NOT WORK SAFE! But it contains Amanda LePore. The Trannie Queen of New York whom I had the privilege of knowing in person frequently. Amanda seems to enjoy exposing herself in bars/clubs just for the shock value. For that, I admire her. It is difficult to explain but ... when people started to talk very serious in front of her, she'll pull her dress just to expose her vagina to get people to loosen up. It worked, always.

How did I know Amanda? She is always around in New York, you see her there, there and over there. But on Wednesdays, she always hosted "Faggot Feud" with Richie Rich, another well-known fella in NYC. One time, I organized a deaf team vs. hearing team which the deaf team ultimately murdered hearing team, 389-30.

The door between us and Amanda was opened, I get to know her in person. She is nice, funny and sweet. Richie Rich and Traver Rains owned the company called Heatherette which specialized in out-of-world designs. You can look around with their clothes -- it is not something that I would wear in DC or in Montana. But hell, more power to them if they wanted to shock the world.

But anyway, this link which a friend of mine told me that I have to check it because Amanda did something outrageous. I checked it -- I cannot stop snickering throughout the whole thing. Warning: Some antics that Amanda did on this video can be considered as disturbing but hello, this is New York! Who gives a fuck if this guy over there is wacko?

Here is the instruction, when you get to that website, scroll down to the "Short Movie, MAC in Store Version". Don't say that I did not warn you! You know, I am wondering about what Burke and Ben Moore would think of this?



I'm Coming To ...

May 26-31: Washington, DC! Green Lantern, The Fireplace, Halo and Apex are the MUST on the agenda. This is last-minute thing, I need to wash clothes before I head out! Eeek! I am hoping to meet old friends like Merritt, Manny, Imel et al. A friend offers me to crash at his place for the weekend.

June 9-12: New York! Stay with friends -- check Brooklyn Pride Festival and fuck a certain married man for our monthly appointment.

June 12-16: Las Vegas! Whatever happened STAY THERE in Las Vegas between me and Chris! Alert: Chris is a good friend of mine who is ... hearie! Shocked?! He graduated from Dartmouth, an Ivy league school -- we had been good friends for almost 3 years now. See? I can tolerate a hearie! Yes, that was a pig flying past you few seconds ago.

June 23-27: Toronto! For its Gay Pride's 25th of Bullshit ... Will hang out with Merritt, Manny and the legendary Adrian. The rumor has that I'll get to meet this elusive twink boi *barf) whom I thought was nice but certainly not, HushStorm in Toronto, as well. I also am hoping to see Wil Sharpe and TactileJunk if possible.

All in all, the month of June seems to be on the roll. For others who abhorred me, act busy.


Again ...

White House Press Secretary Scott McLellan is lying as usual.

He said that we were invited into Iraq and Afghanistan by "two democratically-elected governments" today and he got burned down by the Media Queen Helen Thomas who pressed him to address this subject and now, this fool claimed that it was taken out of context.

Way to go, Helen.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Was watching the segment on History Channel about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his impact with ordinary Americans with little tidbits that does not mean a thing to people who has money, prestige and status quo.

When I was 13 years old, I met my father's school friend who revered Franklin Delano Roosevelt 40 years after his death. He even mentioned that he still has a picture of FDR framed in his home. He made it clear to his wife that that portrait will *never* be taken off while he is still around. Why?

He said that during the Depression, he graduated from the deaf school -- in his words, "LIFE HARD BEFORE -- IMPOSSIBLE FIND JOB, NOBODY HELP NOTHING -- NO SSI, NOTHING AT ALL."

Someone jokingly told him to write a letter to Roosevelt who was just elected as the President of this country. This person took the suggestion to the heart. He wrote the letter to FDR asking for a job, something to start with his life. That he is Deaf and he tried to apply several positions at the manufacturing plants near his home.

My father's friend said that a man in a black suit with the suitcase knocked at his door and told him that he was sent by President Roosevelt to work out the problem. My father's friend explained everything. And they went to the local manufacturing plant and had a blistering talk with the supervisors at the premises for not hiring enough minorities. On the same day, my friend's friend was hired on the spot -- it was said that the supervisors looked so "white and scared" after the brief talk by Roosevelt's representative.

From there, the friend of my father worked until his retirement from the same manufacturing plant.

So when I saw the segment on the History Channel which it showed the coffin of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in front of millions of distraught persons, women, children, men, colors do not matter. They showed the posters where it reads: "He gave me a job" or "He was my friend" ... he may be the only President in the 20th Century that truly got in touch with the ordinary Americans. For that, he will be immortalized for ever.

It is interesting to note that when Roosevelt was dead and put in the coffin, his loyal dog, Fala followed him around, even stayed next to his coffin while the body laid in state at the United States Capital. Suffice to say, Fala was buried next to Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York.


Angels in America

"The stiffening of your penis is of no consequence!!" -Angel to Prior Walter

"I guess I'll just walk through the wall." -Ethel Rosenberg remarked after Roy Cohn told her that she can't enter his disbarment hearing because she is convicted and executed felon.

"How come they are not called Morons?" -Harper wondering since the Mormons was named after the Angel Moroni whose Joseph Smith claimed to meet in upstate New York some 170 years ago.

"I win!" -Roy Cohn screaming at Ethel Rosenberg when she mistook him to be finally dead but was startled when Roy was faking death.

"And you are not in it." -Belize bluntly told Roy Cohn after the description what Heaven might look like.

"Better had he never lived at all." -Ethel Rosenberg whispered when Roy Cohn finally died.

Angels in America -- I just completed 6-hour long of the DVD today. It is a great film, it is about God abandoning Heaven and its ramifications hit hard on Earth. Lots of metaphors and great quotes that was scripted by Tony Kushner.

A part of me loathed Joseph Porter Pitt, Roy Cohn's clerk, who is Mormon, conservative, Republican who was married to a woman but cruised in the parks, fucking men at his own leisure. When Joe found the guy he thought he loved, he cuts everyone else out. He was thinking for himself, all for himself -- he did not care about anyone else outside of him nor cared whether if his actions harmed others in the process. Later, some blasted him for his lack of decency which Joe was hoping to avoid (sounds like many gay Conervative Republicans, is it?). Then after that, Joe was devastated because everyone abandoned him in the end -- he was hurting so bad. I kinda felt bad for him. Suddenly, there is no update or follow-up on Joe at all. I wondered whatever happened to him afterwards ...

Of course, him being portrayed by Patrick Wilson certainly helped a lot -- he is HOT! Hot to make my legs wobbly. Ahh!

I can see why the film won 11 Emmy Awards.

* * *

IN Fort Myers, Florida -- maybe it was my fag hag, Rachel Pigott who lost her thing on Interstate 75 that caused the whole drama in the area? Relax, Rachel, don't 005 at me! I'm merely joking. But this article is amusing.



Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Few Words About Boxing

Boxing. That word is so disgusting. Just finished watching The Contender. It annoyed me to no end that they said "God was on their side today", "God bless", or used their hands to tap on their forehead, chest then right shoulder and left one to signify the cross.

Do you really think God gives a fuck if someone beat up on someone else? God does not give a fuck if you win or lose. But at least, the Boxers are likely to get sweet doses of Parkinson's Disease. If they got Parkinson's Disease from Boxing, it is a matter of CHOICE that they asked for it -- they do not need to have Medicaid to help out with the medical bills if their bodies kept on shaking like hell.

Boxers, boxing is barbic, stupid, pointless sport -- Sylvester and Sugar Ray, you both are so yesterday -- nobody wants to see you on television or films. Just stay in the past -- nobody gives a fuck about you -- !



News Tidbits That Affects Me and You

There is a general tour at my alma mater where the state is considering about renovating or closing to build a new campus. You could see the red-brick building in one picture -- that used to be my high school dormitory, Darden Hall. That dorm is one big funhouse. Fights, dramas, naughty stuff and so on ruled the dormitory. Yes, there is a legend about the ghost that wandered around on 2nd floor which in late 1970s, all boys on the 2nd floor witnessed witnessed the phenomenom. So Tom Sebrell, Stanley Byers and Regina Kidd said.

Will the state just shut and listen to our demands? Unlikely.

On another hand, the whole filibuster option has been averted in Washington but it comes with a heavy price on gays and disabled groups. They got to let William Pryor to get the up-down vote. Which really sucked.

William Pryor, himself the hateful person, is an attorney who petitioned the courts to forbid the gays from setting up their own gay-friendly organizations in schools and colleges because it is illegal to suck a cock or fuck someone in the ass. Now he is going to be the one to sit on the judge, issuing the decisions based on his personal opinions in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta for the rest of his life.

He casted the vote that upheld the ban on gay adoption in Florida, making it the first state in the nation to outlaw gays from adopting children who needed homes.

William also wanted to dismantle (or water down) the Americans with Disabilities Act, mainly because he thinks there is no discrimination against the disabled ones and that the law itself is "unnecessary".

By having William Pryor on the bench, our rights as whoever you are will be set back in years.


Want To Do A Deed?

Do you want to do a deed for me to harrass someone else on the videophone? Here is what happened. Last night, I got 5 videophone calls from a person named "Gie" at unorthodox times -- at 11:30 PM, 12:15 AM, 1:45 AM, 3 AM and 3:45 AM. It was annoying as Hell!

When I answered the videophone, the person on the other side had the camera roll up to the ceiling -- then the person fingerspelled the conversation, "Where Gus? This Gie."

Each time I declined to identify because I do not know who s/he is. After that, it harassed me. Well, Tuesday has passed, he is still harassing me.

Well, I'm providing the phone number -- feel free to do the same -- at least, he will taste of his own medicine. At least, roll your camera to the ceiling and fingerspell whatever you wanted to. Here is the number! 215.732.0772

Let me know the results.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Few Words by Great Surdus about RAD

Earlier in the day, Surdus immed me about few things. He was clearly annoyed with the arrogance of RAD Board and 2005 RAD Committee, he mentioned:
I think you should also say that the metro closing means people will have to take taxis all the time and this is a "hidden expense" for an already expensive operation which RAD conference is... and there are lots of other hidden expenses going on here for poor desperate deaf fags

plus, their big excuse for increase in cost was adding one more meal? how much is one more meal please? it costs me $5 to get a nice meal in NYC

My exact sentiments. I even mentioned that when I pressed the questions, they would try to question why I did not volunteer -- that was not the whole point. Surdus chortled and said something -- I was not sure if he was reading my mind.
only volunteers can ask questions! these bastards learned something from the republicans! i will be fair and let them add cost of labor etc. on to the room but even so - that just proves your point - the hotel is too fucking expensive! we come to fuck each other not fuck the scenery! and, yeah, make sure to add that.

The problem is that the RAD folks divorced themselves from the reality of others, like it or not.

Oh, by the way, check out the great picthre that Surdus made for me at the bottom of this blogsite -- this is as way to inform the world that this blog belonged to me. This is awesome picture. I'm duly impressed by his artistic skills. Thanks for the great job on this! I aboslutely loved this!

Shame on RAD, Cheers to Surdus!


Few Things To Observe As Usual

Angels in America Rocks: I am watching Angels in America. Am done with Chapter 1, loved the wife who shot the Mormon husband with the line, "This is Utah talk!" when the husband claimed that homosexuality does not exist in Mormon faith.

I just completed the Part 1 of Angels in America, wow. Loved the dialogues between Prior Walters and his ancestors -- crazy! Al Pacino acted as Roy Cohn was brilliant. And I love the apperance of Ethel Rosenberg when Roy Cohn was lying on the floor, Ethel Roseberg smirked and said, "Julius sends his regards." Ethel was portrayed none other than Meryl Streep. I'm looking forward to the next disc.

Who Thinks Nick Lachey Is Sincere?
I hate Nick Lachey. His smirk indicated that he cheated on Jessica Simpson because she is a buffoon to start with. He's walking around with a grin, knowing that he is getting away with it. I hate men like that.

Mrs. Retarded Bush: Laura Bush is one stupid woman. Going to Jerusalem to promote the "positive attitudes" about the American Government that we are "sincere" about freedom is making her look like a fool. That is why she was heckled in Jerusalem by both sides.

Evangelical Christians Are Not Friends of Jews: Did you know that there are many Evangelical Christians who are "supportive" of Jews, mainly because they believed that the Bible said if 3/4 of Jews are back in Israel, the end of the world will happen and Jesus Christ will descend to rescue the planet from bligthing itself into the oblivion. That's why many churches are encouraging to donate $ and help the Jews to go "home" so that they can rush the Age of Apocalypse.

Are they "real" friends of Jews? No, they are not. They are doing it for their own interests. That's why they are nuts. Crazed people just like the Islamic Extremists.

Can You Find Needles? In Needles, California -- find it if you can -- it is not even the summertime -- it is 112 (f) degrees as of May 23, 2005. Needles may be the only town in the United States that permitted the motels, hotels to open the swimming pools after midnight. I love swimming in a pool with the full moon roaming the Californian desert. Absolutely peaceful. During the daytime, try to put your hand on the black tar on the road. It feels soft, or so I thought.

About Viagra: Why is Viagra covered by Medicaid? Erectile dysfunction is not a danger to the health -- maybe psychological stuff but not health-wise. Again, the Medicaid industry is dominated by men, what do you expect?


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pat Tillman Was Murdered

Remember Pat Tillman? The professional football player who decided to leave his professional football team in order to sign up with the Army Rangers to serve and protect the United States after the 9/11 Attacks.

To serve and protect was his goal, sounds very heroic, is it? Not after he was murdered by his own peers. Actually, it was a case of friendly fire which his Army rangers shot him down by mistake in Afghanistan.

Of course, accidents do happen. But to cover the accident, and to order the soldiers to keep quiet and to paint Pat as a hero and all that fanfare constitued as a murder to an extent.

I mean, when the Tillmans found out much later that Pat was gunned down by his own peers, do you really think they are cool with it? It is like another shot in their hearts -- in other words, it is another murder as well.

This is one of many lies that the United States Armed Forces are proud of. Keep on lying and covering the truth, it makes you look bad -- it makes this country embarassed to have a group of barbaric folks who cannot amount to function on their own without someone telling them what to do.

When the Army expressed its "heartfelt sorrow" for lying, I ran to the bathroom to unload massive of wet diarrhea. So much for Sempfer Fi crap.


2005 RAD Conference's Theme Is "I Bite Your Ass If You Try To Ask Questions!"

Few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about the questions surrounding the RAD 2005 Conference in Washington, DC.

I got in touch with RAD Board and the 2005 Conference Chairpersons, Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake about the questions surrounding the conference. I simply wrote an email to RAD Board with three questions that I listed:
1. Why $350 registration fee? According to some, it was massive increase from 4 years ago -- economy has not been going very well in the last 5 years, why bother to increase the two-fold prices?

2. Why move to Grand Hyatt Hotel? What's wrong with the one at Washington Plaza Hotel -- why change to Grand Hyatt Hotel? Someone said that the hotel cannot meet the accomodations but wait a minute, this is the same hotel that hosted the annual International Men's Leather which has more than 1,500 registrants! If there are not enough rooms, there are 4 or 5 hotels around Thomas Circle -- Washington Plaza Hotel has the accessibility to 4 gay bars and several gay-owned restaurants. Grand Hyatt Hotel is in downtown, way far from the DuPont Circle or its connections with gay bars. Why change the premise?

3. Why is that there are not enough information on workshops, the numbers of registrants? I asked one person on the committee about how many had been registered -- one said that he is not bound to release the figures because the RAD Board does not permit -- but four years ago, NWRAD had a counter on its website to indicate the numbers of registrants.

You will read the responses from RAD President Bob Donaldson and Vice-President Barbara Hathaway. Soon after that, Hathaway referred me to get in touch with Terrell and Drake, the RAD 2005 Conference Chairpersons. I forwarded the three questions to follow up with their answers.

As expected, Terrell never responded, mainly because he condemned me after I deflated his pitiful ego trip few years ago when he claimed to know the gay issues MORE than I do because he said that he is much older than I am in his senile 70s. I came out around 18 (13 years and counting) whereas this fool has been hiding in the closet for more than 60 years! Ageism does not make one experienced in this matter, though. But I digress.

On other hand, Ricky Drake responded but you could see the way he became defensive and accused me of not volunteering for the committee on an assumption that I lived in DC last year. Excuse me, I lived in New York for the last 2 1/2 years.

The whole thing is that if they wanted to attract people to come to the conference, they have to market, convince and sell the idea that it's cool to come down to the conference -- do not alienate. Apparently, their job is to alienate others.

Some emailed, videophoned and IMmed me that I had the guts to pop the questions to the RAD Board and the nutty folks in Terrell and Drake. But someone has to say something here, really.

Here is the response from RAD President Bob Donaldson after I popped 3 questions:

Hi Ricky,
Good evening, Thanks for your concern... It s not RAD board that decided this. It s the host by CMRA - RAD 2005 and I just forward to chair and vice chair to reply to your questions. OK

Bob D
RAD President

Apparently, someone within the committee of 2005 RAD Conference lied. I was told by a certain member of a committee that it was RAD Board who instigated the move to Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Then I got a response from RAD Vice-President Barbara Hathaway:

Have you spoke directly to Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake? From reading your email we got from you, it looks like you didn't communicate with them.

Actually we are very strict with the idea of sticking with the "chain of command". You will need to start with Bill Terrell and Ricky Drake. They have the actual answers and facts. It looks like you were asking the persons who had little knowledge of what Bill and Ricky is doing. It would be much easier if you spoke with right person.

Once you communciate with Bill and Ricky and then if the problem still does not satisify you then RAD Board will answer your questions.

One question to answer your question. The RAD Board does not make the decisions. RAD Conference Committee writes down the budget and propose to RAD Executive Board for approval (agreement). We did ask questions and RAD Conference Committee made a lot of valid points and RAD Exexutive had seen their point and the discussion has been understood of why and how the cost has come up to. RAD did not make sole decision in this. It was both teams. CMRA has the control of how things should run within the RAD Conference Committee since they are the host. RAD is there to help out if any problem arise. We do not tell chapters or RAD conference commiittee what to do. We just do what our RAD members would think of and make suggestions to RAD Conference Committee. So this is the reason why I said to you in the beginning that you will need to speak with Bill and Ricky.

Barbara Hathaway
RAD Vice President

Ahh, they hadn't address the 3 questions that I requested. So I forwarded the email to the conference chairpersons. I then told Barbara Hathaway that I will get in touch with Drake but I also wondered if it is necessary to keep things secretive like the workshops and the numbers of registrants?

Barbara responded back with few comments:

My question is - why did you wait until now? RAD conference has been there for 4 years now. Why wait til now?

Regarding to price, the deleagate was at the meeting and it's recorded in RAD's minute and it's also in the chapter's file that shows how much the tickets would be and where it be. It has been announced on the RADchapters for a long time, let's say for 2 and 1/2 years they have announce the price.

To answer the rest of your questions, I'll wait until Ricky answers you first so I don't jump out of my boundry.

We have more people who have lot of concerns of what is happening, why cant they come to us. I would have done some investigation. Your complaint and concern is important to me. I do not have enough of evidence to go about. I am trying but at this time people not telling me who or not reporting to me is like "tying my hands" because I do not know which direction to start. I can't assume and bark up wrong tree. Without names of your friends who is telling you this, I am not going to do anything. I am not going to "assume". I have to protect the innoence and grab the dirty ones. I will only go by your comments, not the ones that asked you not to release their name.

Talk to Ricky Drake. He may be defended now because he has no clue of what is happening and you drop a bomb. He feels like people is "gun maching" at him. Be pateince and try him.

Barbara, that is the whole point -- Four years ago, the hotel was determined to be at Washington Plaza Hotel when I agreed with. Then last year, everything changed. What's up with it? It does not matter if I waited or not. You are on the Board as a representative of the RAD. You are supposed to facilitate and nurture the growth of RAD, not to alienate others by turning the tables to question my timing -- it is irrelevant.

As for three questions that I asked to be addressed. Still no answer.

Then Ricky Drake, 2005 Conference Vice Chairperson responded:

Thank you for the e-mail. I only will answer your questions as short as I can.

1)Yes, Washington Plaza Hotel was the original site plan but later moved to Grand Hyatt Hotel due to lack of specific accommodations like a banquet would hold no more than 300. Through Bob Donaldson, RAD President's recent statement on MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) events which occur in Washington, DC on Martin Luther King, Jr weekend, the MAL meetings and contests were held outside the hotel due to insufficient space area for these events. This hotel was used for rooms and exhibits only.

2)The cost of room at Washington Plaza is only 20 dollars less than that at Grand Hyatt Hotel. The standard room rate at Grand Hyatt is about 379 dollars per night but for RAD conference participants through RAD code, the room is $179. 00 per night. The price will reduce if more than one person per room up to 2. More than two, it would cost little higher. We are fortunate to pay that price for such luxury hotel in the heart of downtown.

3)Why the combo price is higher?. We will have three hot meals, instead of 1 or 2 meals at the past conferences. Combo price is much higher at any other events like NAD, for instance. It would cost atrociously high. If you could have bought early bird combo for $250 two years ago. Secondly, there is a lay-away plan so the participants would make several deposits in timely manner until it is fully paid.

Are you a member of a RAD-affiliate chapter?

Ricky Drake
Vice-Chairperson, RAD 2005

Ok, the banquet will happen only three times in 5 days of conference -- you could find a hall or two around the neighborhood. Thomas Circle is convenient, Downtown is not. The metro station closes at midnight during the weekdays. Think with your little brains, please. So far, Drake has only answered 2 out of 3 questions then decided to turn the tables on me by asking me whether if I am the member of some RAD chapter. Again, it is not relevant.

Drake tried to compare the RAD Conference with NAD Conference -- that is trying to compare an apple with an orange, really. NAD routinely hosted 2,000 people. RAD might be lucky to reach 500. NWRAD of Seattle, which has cut the relationship with the RAD 3 years ago, was the most successful of all, registered more than 600. RAD charged $250 two years ago for the earliest combo ticket whereas NAD charged $195 for the earliest combo ticket. Nice try but no cigar.

Suddenly, RAD Treasurer Larry Pike responded with a defensive remark, enjoy this:
Thank you, you tell the facts. It is not worth to attack us each other again and again. I believe that some people will complain about some issues. That is nothing new. That is it.

Larry Pike
RAD Treasurer

Again, that is not the point here. You wanted us to attend the RAD Conference, don't you, Larry? Then do something proactively. Don't be defensive or lash out at people who asked the legitimate questions. But what do you expect from these people, really?

Then here is the absurd defensive attack by Drake towards me when I asked him if he had checked the hotels & halls. He attacked me that I did not volunteer when I was in DC "last year". As Vice Chair, he is supposed to be inclusive of everyone else. AS you can see, he failed in that.

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, Bill and I checked several hotels around Thomas Circle including Marriott Residence and Holiday Inn. They do not offer what Grand Hyatt has to offer. Those hotels on the circle don't have any room big enough to accommodate delegate/board meeting and three-night banquets. We also checked Radisson Hotel, across from old Convention Hall, now demolished, next to Grand Hyatt, we found out the price would remain very steep for the month of July and won't go down as much as Grand Hyatt did to $179 (tax not included) per room. You are right about Grand Hyatt as a luxury hotel but look at the price. A good deal for the downtown area. Far more convenient in transportation since the metro is right underground of the hotel without even going outside to get the metro. We have good cafes, restaurants and bars right inside the hotel. Like all other hotels, they may be bit expensive but some people may prefer to stay at the hotel at night.

2) Why didn't you join the RAD 2005 committee before you moved to New York City about a year ago? You said about the others that shared the similar grievance with you, why didn't they inform us and moreover, you expressed your grievance to the RAD executive board and then me only 2 months before the conference. Why didn't you tell us long ago instead of two months before the conference?

3) It doesn't matter whether you are a member of a chapter or not, you never lifted your finger and help us the committee all along.

4) Why do you have to complain about the hotel, price and you name it if you don't plan to come to the RAD conference at all this year?

5) You said NAD hosted more than 2,000 people while RAD hosted up to 500. I concur with you but you need to remember the estimate of the total gay population in the United States. It is said to be more or less 10 percent. It may apply to the deaf GLBT community. Think about hypothesis.

6) Almost all of us on the committee don't go to Eagle's in any way. You could have find a any bar or place where you could communicate in better and more light. No one would stop you from going away from Eagle's if you find too dark to communicate. It is as simple as that. It is no need for me to consider about that.

7) Grand Hyatt isn't far from the 14th and 17th Street gay bars. A metro may be a convenient means of commuting from the hotel to any of the bars. (Metro Center and McPherson Square for the 14th Street bars or Dupont Circle Metro for the 17th Street bars. Walk would make a big difference to those who would enjoy their walk to the bars.

Ricky Drake
Vice Chair, RAD 2005

See? Another defensive mechanism by Drake.

1. Because I got the information from people in diffrent cities that expressed their frustrations with the RAD's responses regarding this in the last few months!

2. Again, dumb question -- I lived in New York for 2 1/2 years, I did not move to NYC last year, you dumbfuck. And your question is already answered above. NO need to repeat unless you wanted me to!

3. Is that my problem?

4. Did I say that I won't go? I said I will *still* go, dumbfuck!

5. That is one pitiful and low of you to use the hypothesis. You are supposed to aim for the best. Not to settle with what is on the table!

6. You still do not get what I meant -- DC Eagle is the only closest gay bar to Grand Hyatt Hotel -- not all of us wanted to go because it is dark there.

7. Again, again, again and again -- Metro closes at midnight during the weekdays! Don't you get it?

I fired back at Drake for lashing out on me with misleading assumptions and all that shit. He thinks he's all that, read:
Rest assured, Ricky. I only gave an answer to your question and nothing more. Period.

You got terrified so easily. I sense that you only want to get provoked all along from the beginning. You need to calm down, Ricky

If we keep Washington Plaza for the conference, would you register and attend the conference as a whole? If not, it would make me wonder

I am referring your recent antics to the RAD President and let him deal with you from now on. From now on I merely will ignore you.

Ricky Drake

Drake, you accused me of not helping out when I was living in New York for the last 2 1/2 years. You accused me that I was not even going to come down for the conference. You need to be inclusive with everyone else -- use the marketing sense. OH, I forgot -- you lacked the means to market the conference.

And my readers, where is Bob Donaldson? He's playing dead, of course.

2 out of 3 questions has been answered, but not completely. They still did not respond about the information on workshops, events and the numbers of registrants.

I heard that they only had 90 registrants. I do not know if this is true. If so, it reflected on how the Committee did a magnificent job of alienating others from attending the conference by any means.

Feel free to chime in with your opinions, my dear readers!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bitch Session V

Remember the comments below was written by the readers, not me. Feel free to laugh, groan and whine. And you're more than welcome to defend yourselves and retaliate back to the folks who said things about you! C'est la vie!


* * *

Jay Baldridge is out of JAIL!! BEWARE!!
Ridor Responds: Hide your children!

True biz, Paul Stone is still the bed wetter at his age of 30 something!!

Paul Stone cries about his dog because he misses him...and the dog is very much alive!!!

There is evidence that Paul Stone is in the closet -- no, he was not looking for clothes!

Sean .... Can you please stop victimize women?!?! Getting laid by getting them drunk isn't the answer!!

Seth ... oh yes, Sean's brother!! Stop lying for God's sake! You are not popular!! Stop acting like you are! Please please on't turn women off by lavishing them with gifts...that scare them off!! If you want to get someone, go slowly!! No wonder you are still a virgin!

Paul Stone RAPED!! He did not rape women!! He raped men!! He raped boys when he was in High School. He pushed the boys' face onto the pillow to prevent them from scream....and he FUCKED them!! He also claimed that he does not like GAYS....he did it himself....hes so full of it!!

If you ever meet Chris Cowden, do not believe a single word he says about anyone. He is full of shit and crap with unreliable information and twisted memory. I cannot stand his presence. He thinks he's all that. But, know what? He's full of bullshit. And, he eats like the world's largest vacuum. He is the vacuum champ. No vacuum company can replicate or compete with him. A waddling overweight duck who quacks bullshit about people and things in life. Quack quack. Poops crap all over the place. Based on how much he eats, he probably will have loose ass muscle by the time he hits 35 from shitting all those long brown river snake poops.

Andy Bonheyo was never contacted by gallaudet regarding to the football coach position....dimwits!!

defBef, stop sucking your thumb and thinking you're the world's greatest slut. your blowjobs SUCK.

Why is that deaf gays intend to be secretive about their drugs and don't want to share with others?? Get a life and do something productive in life than being greedy with drugs....

Amy, you were fired at Arthur Anderson Elementary School for breaking the Code of Ethics. You did not resign. You were either fired or forced to resign because of your behavior.

mccock, your antics last fall AREN'T a complete secret. stop copying ridor or i'll tell.

Jane Fernandes got tenured position in ASL/Deaf STudies Department -- a sign that the department is joke.

vapid NYC blonde: yes, it's your ass i'm talking about. shut! the! fuck! up! BITCH!

Star Wars has millions of inhabitants on different planets -- fighting the Evil Empire and it has many characters -- yet no one you can find anywhere is deaf? Guess back then, we have better things than to fight the Siths or Jedis.

Jody and Sean are truly the dangerous-est gossipers and lardiest guys whom I have ever met. Fuck JodySean!

I. King Jordan
Paul Kelly
Jane K. Fernandez

The KKK needs to get out of Gallaudet. Their stay is overdue and unwelcomed. Do you realize that the paychecks of the KKK is a total of One Cool Crisp Million bucks!-PER YEAR !!! FOLKS!!!! Wake up!! *hallo*!?!?!?!?

Herndon Day

In Annapolis, the United States Naval Academy has an annual event where the plebes worked together to climb the lard-covered 21-foot tall monument. The legend has that the plebe that snatched the hat on the top of the monument shall be ranked as the first Admiral someday in the future.

It is a fun tradition that intrigued me. There are two things that I really liked about Annapolis -- the Herndon Monument and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Walk. I visited the Herndon Monument once in the past and observed the plebes struggling to work together and climb to the top of the monument. When they are done, they often stumbled down because the lard was so greasy, sloppy and smelly! Really, when I stood about 50 feet away from the drama, I could SMELL the sweat, aroma and lard around the scene. But it was absolutely eye candy for me to watch the plebes doing the man's work for more than two hours in '00. Merritt would shriek, "Do it for me!"

I just learned that last Thursday was the Herndon Day -- if I was in DC, I would be there. I like to watch these men doing the fun things, not torturing the "enemy combatants" as the Bush Administration wanted them to do.

Congratulations to whoever snatched the hat at the top of the monument.


I Need To "Happy Slap" these Idiotic Bootleggers!

When you inserted the DVD or videotape, you'll get the standard message from the FBI warning about the illegal copies of the film. When I was growing up, I thought it was silly message because I do not see the illegal copies in the South, especially in the Shenandoah Valley. Boy, was I ever naive. When I lived in New York, I was stunned to see so many DVD bootleggers selling the DVDs that were released in movie theaters few hours EARLIER! They sell these in very open view of NYPD and MTA cops in subway stations, street corners and yes, in restaurants.

It turned out that someone sat in the auditorium and filmed throughout the whole thing ... it often is grainy, it was said that people could hear the people in the auditorium talking. ONce in while, you'll see a black figure walking past the screen. I really do not care about that, though. But what really pissed me the most is ... its fake indications that it is captioned! They published thousands of "CC" on it so when Deaf persons bought it and realized that it is not even captioned.

Then they made copies to sell at very cheap price.

So reading this was not even a surprise.

Several times, I was approached by them (they are mostly Chinese or Latinos) in restaurants -- they would come in with a backpack, then pull out 20 DVDs then scatter it on the restaurant tables where people are sitting ... then go around again to collect money if anyone bought the DVDs, if not ... they pick up the DVDs and plead you to buy for "their cause".

The restaurant owner/manager tolerated it. If they tolerated this, they should be prosecuted for being the accomplice to the problem.

It was said that these monies financed the sex slave trafficking, but that is what they said.

One time, they put the DVDs on my table while I was dining ... at that time, I have had enough of that crap. So I threw the 10 DVDs off the table, creating a loud crash on the floor as one Chinese gal was stunned to see me do that. I mouthed, "GET OUT!"

Then I called the manager that what she did is illegal. The manager smiled and said, "I know but it is not that bad." I told the bitch that I'll call the cops if she does not leave. The bitch profusely apologized and kicked the fake bootleggers out.

I do not care if they made money for prostitution or whatever but to lie and disparage about the captions where Deaf people worked hard to promote the captions in the last 30 years is very offensive.

* * *

In London, there is the national phenomenon amongst the UK youths that alarmed the adults. It is called "Happy Slapping". I thought it was frightening and yet, so hysterical. If it happened to me, the world shall cease to exist. The people that do this to me would know the true meaning of terror.

What is happy slapping? Because of its popularity with cellphones, the UK youths often bet with their friends that they'll slap people they do not know who on buses, subway trains or wherever they are. Some elderly person would snooze off on the subway train only to find the slap on the cheek -- not cute slap but violent enough to warrant an assault charge -- that jolted or startled the bystanders as the kids fled.

It is not limited to elderly persons -- but the general idea is to have the shock value by bashing on an unsuspecting person just for the sake of a joke. Slapping is not the limited form -- you can punch, kick, push, bash ... as long as it takes someone to film or snap to exchange on the websites.

It is becoming a problem in the United Kingdom.

Some accused MTV. But I think the parents are responsible for their actions. Vida La Bam is hilarious but it already warned that everything they do is scripted, unlike the craze fad in the United Kingdom -- if it should spread in this country, let it start in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

* * *

Here is another awful antics of our beloved government at work -- this is one of many reasons why we alienated the world. We burned too many bridges with many governments to a point where everyone will turn against us.

To tranquilize someone through the anus? What a creative bunch of idiots, only found in the United States of America!


Friday, May 20, 2005

Today is May 20th!

Don't forget to send me the notes to bitch at anyone and anything in this world and beyond. The deadline is at the end of the day. The email address is Ridor9th@gmail.com -- no names will be revealed. If it does, it will ruin the fun of Bitch Session, really.

Be thoughtful, be funny, be wicked, be creative -- that is all I'm asking for. I got 15 so far, would like to aim for 20 or 25.

I got enough information to work on an entry about RAD's problems. It is petty, shameful and childish. When I am done with few errands, you can bet that I'll dissect the information and pass it to the readers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com On another subject, this picture contains a group of deaf female students at a deaf school (some said VSDB, but I'm not certain) that also included my great-great-great grandmother, Mary Norris.

One thing that I can attest that she is related to me -- she, like me, is surrounded by people. I have great friends that is surrounded next to me -- they are certainly a blessing to have. Yes, sometimes, they can drive me nuts. But they are there for me from day one. Just like Mary and her gang.

Ahh, I just had a chat with an old friend of mine. The conversation somehow evolved into a subject about Julianna Fjeld. This brought a bizarre incident that I had with her. Some of you knew Julianna Fjeld used to produce the television movie called "Love Is Never Silent" where Phyllis Frelich, Ed Waterstreet and Mare Winningham performed that garnered Julianna Fjeld to win the Emmy Award's Best Picture.

Anyway, I saw the photo of her putting the arm around the small pine tree, I believe on her desk at Gallaudet when Julianna was the adjunct professor. I asked her why she had her arm around this particular tree. She went on to tell me that her mother was buried just on this ground and she planted a tree. I thought it was cool. She asked me if I knew about her mother. I shook my head. She said, "She killed herself."

I was sorry about that, then she said, "She burned herself to death."

I flinched and said, "That is odd. Most died by razor blades, hanging or overdose with pills. Why fire?"

Julianna Fjeld shot a line, "Because it served a purpose."

She stared at me as I said nothing. But yet, today, it is one of the most bizarre comments I ever had witnessed. But that is what makes the world interesting, is it?


After Page 3, I Stopped Reading This

I was not surprised but I was disgusted and disturbed to a point where I stopped reading at page 3 out of 8.

I cannot stand the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and the Bush Administration crying a huge river about one insignificant bad report by Newsweek about flushing the Koran down the toilet which instigated the anti-American riots in Muslim countries.

People who are Conservatives, Republicans and X-ians thought that Newsweek did a disservice that made Americans look bad -- actually, what Newsweek did was insignificant -- in fact, too many incidents had been coming out of prisons in Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Jordan and in the United States where our soldiers and interrogators bashed people brutally to their deaths.

And the Pentagon always investigated and blamed "few" individuals that did not "follow" the policies -- the truth is that it is the current policy that enabled our soldiers to do whatever is necessary.

This is the reason why many people despised us.

More Americans will be killed anywhere in the world, even in the United States, eventually -- when it happened, don't act like you are a victim. Your silence and support for the troops to torture the accused ones ultimately proved that you are apostate of this behavior.

The Pentagon and the whole United States Armed Forces claimed that they do not tolerate these behavior and shall "investigate" -- in fact, it is another lie, they encouraged it. Again, most folks who are in the Armed Forces are 'tards. That's why they cannot live as civilians. They needed someone to discipline their behavior 24/7.

Sempfer fi? My ass, they lacked the honor and dignity. They are their own joke amongst themselves. They are pitiful creatures that does not deserve to have the welcome mat in this country.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Gus and I drove to Bensalem, a township north of Philadelphia to catch the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at 9 PM with rear caption window. Bought the tickets then had a dinner. I hate picking and carrying this equipment to the auditorium where hundreds of people were perplexed that I'm carrying this stick with darkened glass! But what choice do I have, really?

When Gus and I struggled to adjust the viewing for ourselves, I noticed something interesting ... before I could mention it to Gus, Gus snapped, "Did you notice that too many overweight guys here loved Star Wars?"

Great minds think alike.

One cute guy right behind me tapped my shoulder and asked what it is -- I gestured that I can't hear so I watch (pointed at the wall in the back which this cute guy saw) by on this rearview window to follow the dialogues.

Now with the review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! I won't ruin the surprises. I swear! I love to spoil the surprises but honest, what is there to be shocked in this film -- everyone knew how it panned out in the end but how it is being done is different, really.

Shut up, McWeenie, stop whining about Lucas' poking fun at GW Bush's antics. George is billionaire. Michael Moore is millionaire and you are? Some white trash living in nowheresville in New Mexico that nobody cared to know.

The first 30 minutes of the film was mind-blowing one, since I'm not used to the RW thing -- I was trying to get adjusted but it took me a while to get used to it and be able to follow the massive battles that took place right above Coruscant.

I agreed with the critics that the lousy part about the movie is its dialogue! George Lucas simply sucked at dialogues. The love relationship between Anakin and Padme is simply unbelievable. But I must admit that despite what people said about Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in negative manner -- I find his performance to be powerful, perhaps the best of 3 films.

The concept how the story evolved from Episode I to IV is great, I'll grant it to George Lucas but he shouldn't have scripted the dialogues -- let someone do it as long as he controls the storyboard.

I really felt for Anakin Skywalker when Obi-Wan Kenobi left him helpess to his oblivion in the end and when Obi-Wan said, "I regarded you as my brother, I loved you." Anakin, you could see the fear, hurt and pain in his face, muttered "I hate you."

Was it his fault that he became Darth Vader? Partially. But I'd say that the blame lies with the Jedi Council because they did not really care nor make sure that Anakin is OK. They left him to figure things on his own, always telling him to "search his feelings" to a point where Anakin was misleaded by Darth Sidious.

It was a tragedy in the making.

Gus is not a fan of Star Wars, he apparently thought the prequel films were taken place right AFTER the Episode VI -- for some reasons unknown to me, don't ask me why -- Gus was stunned to see Padme giving birth to Leia and Luke. It was hysterical.

When the film is done, Gus and I played by using the RCW sticks to imitate the lightsaber fight -- people were horrified that we were using the RCW sticks to bang on each other.

Dialogue sucks, no question. Storyboard? GREAT! I finally understood why Emperor Palpatine looked awful. I think this movie will make Darth Vader not "villain" but "tragic character that was caused by others". I enjoyed it immensely.

On the way back home, I thought of Anakin's rage, frustration ... and his desire to control the destiny around him and his loved ones. It appeared that Anakin was trying so hard to protect his loved ones, he was willing to tap in the dark side of the Force in order to protect his loved ones.

I was thinking -- Anakin's pain was attributed by women. See? Women caused galactic problems for Anakin, resulted in untold numbers of deaths across the galaxy. His mother died, he was hurt and enraged. He wanted to protect his wife, Padme from anything else (find out why he did it in the film, ok?) and it resulted by plummeting him in the dark side of the Force. So you see, women caused it all.

I told Gus on the way back home, "If Anakin is gay, none of this would have to happen -- so it was women's fault." He'd make be good for a gay man, very loyal. He could have fucked Obi-Wan to relieve his stress and frustrations.

Honest, women are the source of Anakin's problems a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... !


Few Things Before I Zoom

Latter Days -- Good or Bad? Saw "Latter Days", very cute film -- I probably won't rate it as the best gay film. Nah. It proved what I knew all along, the Mormon guys' asses are meaty. Easy on my eyes. Which is why I am enthusiastic about going to Salt Lake City in 2007.

Oh, yeah, I knew that 40 percent of Las Vegas residents are Mormons and they worked in The Strip, not to engage in gambling but because many businesses trusted them to handle money. So you can see why I am looking forward about going to Las Vegas on June 12 to 16. Oh, yeah, I'm going to stay at a hotel that is about few blocks away from Apollo Spa. Can't wait for that stuff to VEE-VEE, oh -- we'll be in that place on Tuesday night.

Then I get to google these Mormon guys then again in 2007 in Salt Lake City.

Loved one fag hag's line -- the one that defBef probably will utter anyday if she wanted to: Alcohol and homsexuality? I can't imagine going to Heaven without these two.

Episode III! Oh, yeah, Gus and I am going to dine at Ruby Tuesday then stroll down to a movie theater with rearview windows to see the Revenge of Sith!

No, I won't dress as anyone in the film -- Gus and I will probably try to take pics of us via his SKII. Hope the Episode III is going to be great one of prequel films. I still think the Return of Jedi is the best. I absolutely HATED the Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. I thought it was nuts. Name the planet where the Cloud City is -- you won't. Because according to some Star Wars fans, Lucas never named the planet, though.

Otherwise, should I report the spoilers or just a review about the movie? Let me know so I can decide!

May the Force be with you.


Cannot Wait About Three Things!

I cannot wait for three things today:

1. Seeing the Episode III tonight (possibly) with rearview captioning. Better than nothing -- at least, some folks would probably look at us as "futuristic" folks and ... the movie is based not in the future but in the PAST!

2. Buying the graphic novel of JSA's Prince of Darkness where Mordru devastated New York before chained to the Rock of Eternity.

3. Seeing Liz and Cory tomorrow night at L2 Bar & Restaurant on South Street. Liz is hearing, gorgeous and dynamic woman. It is been ages since I saw her. Liz is fun and wild girl -- the gal that I immensely enjoyed very much. Cory, some of you knew him as ... Cory Donahue. 'nuff said. Don't act so surprised!

Gus' little bird is fucking a stick in the birdcage -- if you want to see it via the videophone, let me know.

It is beautiful day. I'm going to watch "Latter Days" now. It is about the LDS guy on the missionary who fell in love with another male.

Whee! Whee! See? I love the LDS guys -- many of 'em are fuckable. Oh, yeah, Jeff Carlson is fuckable but that does not mean we will do it, though.


Few Comments About This, That and There

Herpes Caught From the UV Booth? Apparently someone thinks so. Dumb trollop that amounts to nothing on the subject. The Kurzetard once whined that Mike Rogers called Bruce Carroll's workplace about the blog he wrote as GayPatriot -- which he immediately resigned. But it is the same antic that Kurzetard is attempting on several people who blasted her to smithereens for her lies. IN turn, she is making calls to badmouth the people that she loathed so much. So much for her so-called Christian hypocrisy whoremonger.

Kurzetard, here is the message: Seva mi levo jaje!

These are one of funniest curse words found in Serbian language.

Mordru Is Back! I know it is silly, really. Dylan emailed me to let me know that Mordru is making an appearance in one of comic books, which I suspected, led to the DC Comics' major crossover called "Day of Vengeance". I'm so thrilled -- the last time Mordru was seen when Doctor Fate imprisoned him in the Rock of Eternity. But apparently, he is taunting Shazam's Wizard who regarded the Rock of Eternity as a good place to imprison Mordru. Well, Mordru is an omnipotent being -- he was never born, nor will ever die. Whoo! I was also informed by a writer inside the DC Comics that Amethyst is making a dramatic return in this summer's crossover, pending the approval from big guys above. If that is the case, expect me to drain lots of $ to read Mordru's struggles to conquer the universe and ultimately, face Amethyst once again ... hopefully. That is the entertainment, folks.

One of many quotes I liked from Mordru -- when Mordru ambushed a group of super-heroes with his allies, his allies wanted to continue by assault and burning the city. Mordru smiled, "Why burn it when you can rule them for eons?" Smart man.

Today is Thursday! Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is being shown across the world. I need to find out the dates for captions in Philadelphia -- anyone care to help? Don't be so bitch, please.

Anal Sex is Family Value! Want to read Dr. Hager's concept of family values? Appparently, he is Christian and is against the birth control pills but enjoyed raping his ex-wife by anal sex while she sleeps. Such a cute X-ian family values, really!

The best line of the article was: 'Oh, I didn't mean to have anal sex with you; I can't feel the difference,'

The Dangers of Patriot Act: Joan Airoldi is the true American Patriot. I already warned the dangers of Patriot Act. Check this. Soon, you'll be whisked away for reading something that goes against the American beliefs.

Patriot Act II: The 'tarded Republicans are working on a bill to permit the Homeland Security Department to subpoena records without the permission of a judge or grand jury. This is one of many little steps that will turn the nation from democracy into dictatorship.

And They Said Republicans Are For Small Government: People said that Conservatives and Republicans wanted less governmental interferences, tax cuts, smaller government -- yet, this Republican Ted Steven of Alaska is regarded as No. 1 for wasting government's money.

Review about Episode III: The New Yorker has the way of words with things in life: Anthony Lane, The New Yorker -- What can you say about a civilization where people zip from one solar system to the next as if they were changing their socks but where a woman fails to register for an ultrasound, and thus to realize that she is carrying twins until she is about to give birth?

Dead Sea and Jordan River: Between Israel and Jordan lies the famous body of salty Dead Sea with a river lining up from the Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea, dividing two nations between Jordan and Israel. Well, the Jordan River is dirty, filled with raw sewage and dead. The Dead Sea is fast disappearing -- 3 feet per year. Thanks to the growth population of Israel and Jordan -- maybe it is a sign for us just to disregard the Holy Land as a thing of the past? If you insist to be baptized in raw sewage-filled Jordan River, more power to thee.

This reminded me of Devils Lake in North Dakota, the lake is *growing*, much to the chagrin of residents. IN fact, the city of Devils Lake, also home to North Dakota School for the Deaf, is negotiating with Canada to SELL off the excessive water that was drained into this lake. This lake is growing at the pace of 2 feet per year.

So this reminded me of something funny in a comic book a long time ago where a scientist argued with another scientist -- one scientist said, "This is blasphemy, you expected me to address this to to the prestigious groups that might finance this?!" Another scientist said, "But the evidence is there! It is there! The Empire State Building is growing!"

First Street and Second Avenue? This actor on Desperate Housewives were busted for smoking weed outside of a bar on First Street and Second Avenue in New York -- I'm bit baffled. I know of a gothic bar on that corner, The Hole and that Japanese Bar and yeah, the Urge between 2nd Street and 1st Street. My bet is the Japanese Bar or The Hole.

Red uniforms win better? My high school consists of red and black, I must be that lousy. I could not even win a championship not even for sixth place in the Mason-Dixon Tournament even with red uniforms on.

Birds Go Haywire In Houston: As a bird, I would attack anyone else who comes too close to my babies, motherfuckers.

About Matt Drudge: Matt Drudge seems to enjoy bashing on media when they questioned the hard ones to White House. But when people turned the tables on Matt Drudge, he whined that his life is privacy. No, Matt Drudge, you lost your privacy when you peppered on others' lives. People already knew that you're gay -- you looked like one, people saw you kissing a guy, several claimed you hit on them. But you re one of many Roehmosexuals -- like Roy Cohn who denied that he is gay but enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. Bizarre guy. Oh, by the way, Matt is not attractive.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

10 Downing Street

What is 10 Downing Street? It is the most important residence in the United Kingdom -- the official residence and office for British's Prime Minister since 1735. It has been home to Winston Churchill and the current PM Tony Blair as well. 10 Downing Street is the most recognized address along with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW -- if you do not know what 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW is, your American citizenship is revoked -- immediately!

Was reading "Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language: Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard" by Nora Ellen Groce today -- I read it for one class at Gallaudet some years ago -- I was bit bored and decided to reread it today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt mentioned 10 Downing Street that I thought I should share with the readers -- Deaf people were employed by Sir George Downing, an English politician who is well known for running many series of spy networks across London and beyond. Nearly all of Deaf people that were hired by Sir George Downing reported directly to him. Most English politicians feared and respected Sir George Downing because of his political skills and his ability to find information as much as can be.

How did Sir George Downing knew these deaf people? He was from a small town named Maidstone in the county of Kent which is located southeast of London. It was no secret that because of poverty levels, lack of transportation, many Deaf people were born in the county of Kent to a point where many people in Maidstone can sign, hearing and deaf alike. That was where Sir George Downing learned and relied on Deaf people's loyalty to him.

Here is an evidence that can be found in Samuel Pepys's diary, during November 9, 1666 (307 years before I was born), a fire was beginning to consume the city of London, it reads:

There comes in that dumb boy ... who is mightly acquainted here and with Downing; and he made strange signs of the fire, and how the King was abroad, and many things they understood but I could not, which I wondering at, and discoursing with Downing about it, 'Why,' says he, 'it is only a little use, and you will understand him and make him understand you, with as much ease as may be.'"

These group of deaf families from the county of Kent eventually (depending on how you looked at it) emigrated to Massachusetts and settled down on Martha's Vineyard in 1700s. Later, Laurent Clerc was brought to Hartford to set up the first deaf school permanently (Cobbs Hall near my parents' hometown, Hopewell, Virginia is the first) in the country ... large numbers of deaf children from Martha's Vineyard was sent to Hartford to be educated and most of them did not return to Martha's Vineyard.

Suffice to say, the damned Kennedys took over the island eventually. Few friends of mine told me that you can find the gravestones in fingerspelling at Martha's Vineyard near Chilmark and Gay Head. Cool?


Racist Is Racist

Vincente Fox, the President of Mexico, caused an uproar (which I think is very silly) two weekends ago about the jobs that Mexicans took that African Americans and others do not want. African Americans wept that what Vincente Fox said was racially biased. Boo hoo!

It is true. Just look around.

Clifford Terry (eiffilc of Xanga) can be so racist despite the fact that he is African American. He continues to blame the Caucasians of enslaving African Americans. He claimed that it was the whites who started the slavery ... read what he commented on Graystorm's comment box:
"I am not saying that hes correct or not.. Blacks did work hard on this and that when they were slavery. White did nothing. Shud have said, White wont do the work that Mexcians will do. :-P"

Whites should take the blame? I'm like, "C'mon, move on. Get a life already!"

Did you see Jews blaming Egyptians today for its thousands years of slavery? NO, you do not. They moved on ahead with their lives.

I told Clifford that if he observed the history, whites did as much as blacks did, though. I also mentioned that many Blacks refused to do the menial jobs, they gradually graduated to the other level with better opportunities, creating an available of menial jobs for others to fill, the Mexicans and others happened to fill in.

Clifford Terry claimed that he is not a racist. But read this:
R, thats ur opinion.

I'm not trying to be racist. Whites would not have created this country without Blacks or anyone else. Them, white people are too dumb and think they are gods -- the chosen people that should not be doing the hard work. Power to them black people, they shouldn't have to work the "minimal jobs." They already did that years ago. Cheese rice!

Cheese rice? I heard of that racial slur.

I studied the History of Africa under Dr. Joseph Kinner and got an A in it, I could say that the dark-skinned people in Africa were limited and supersitious and they probably needed a leash from someone to teach and tell them what to do with their lives but I do not do that. Because it is racist.

The idea is to work together, do not delegate the whole jobs to hispanics -- there are many caucasians and African Americans that has to work together in order to make the society a better place to live and work with. But to blame the caucasians for your fucked-up truths is not the way to go.

Clifford then commented the absurd idea of his own:
There are many reasons why the Black wont take the jobs that Mexcian would do. I am blaming your parent's parent's parent's parent's. Them white people.

If you did study the History of Africa and got A in it. Then you shoudl know that Africa would have been one of the powerful country if only White didnt enslaved our great-great-great grandmother and grandfather. We would never have this racist comments. White belittled us to the level that they treated our ancestors as animal. Hunted our family backen then like animals. They had guns! They did the same thing with Native Americans. I am sure you can think at least two reasons why Black and Native Americans refuse to take jobs or do jobs for White that Mexcian would.

If you look at the American History, there was an influx of caucasians that emigrated to this country after the Civil War -- the majority of Caucasians are NOT responsible of slavery. Clifford or many African Americans cannot hold me responsible for what happened in the past. Cliff has no right to accuse my great-great grandparents who never owned slaves.

Cliff also accused the caucasians of instigating the slavery in Africa which is not true. In fact, for thousands of years, the African tribes always battled against each other, raided against each other and enslaved each other. But when the boats came from India, Arabs and Europeans, the idea of slavery trade has began. Was it the caucasians' fault? No, not really. Back then, the slavery was acceptable practice for many groups. If you want to lay the blame, blame it on Africans for enslaving the others and sell the slaves to Europeans who took them to the United States.

The whole point is that you are racist, Clifford.


C'mon, It is SNL!

I was informed by a certain reader that the NAD found the scene on Saturday Night Live during the Paula Abdul's appearance (which is 2 weeks ago, I believe) where its Weekend Update had a fake deaf character who made racist jokes towards the interpreter who is black, who in turn made fun of deaf guy instead.

Andy Lange, the President of NAD said, "It's stupid and disgusting! The NAD strongly condemns this kind of thing."

Then Andy Lange encouraged members of the deaf community to write and complain to the NBC and FCC about its racist stuff.

My take on this: This is FUCKING Saturday Night Live! Its goal is to entertain people of all backgrounds and sometimes it included making fun of other's tendencies. To me, it implied that the folks now saw us in the mainstreaming world and decided to poke fun at us. That is quite a compliment, all right.

Andy, stop chasing after women whining and be productive about something else -- like working to educate the Republicans about William H. Pryor before he attains the judicial seat in the 11th Circuit of Appeals.


Happy 25th Anniversary, Mount St. Helens!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen I was a kid, I saw the picture of a massive eruption on Richmond Times-Dispatch and asked Dad what is going on.

"Mountain blew up."

I was surprised, "You mean, the mountain get mad and do this?" Dad grinned and said, "No, inside the mountain has hot liquid, save all time then it grew -- mountain can't hold no more. It blows up. Very normal. Many mountains around the world, yes. Name? Volcano!"

Asked Dad, "Kill people?"

"Yes, dumb people who stand too close. They finish true biz gone dead finish! [Dad pointed to the pyrocastic flows] too fast, people no time to escape, impossible. Dumb dumb dumb nitwit pea-brained them!"

I asked if Deaf people was killed or not? "Doubt, many deaf people not dumb stand too close. Only hearing people stubborn always try to see, see but when it blows up, they finish dead. Too bad!"

That was 25 years ago. Thanks to Merritt for reminding me that today is 25th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens eruption which killed 57 people. My good friend, Merritt was in Walla Walla, about 258 miles east of Mount St. Helens. When it erupted, he said that he was in awe of mother nature. It was the first time of his lifetime that he, at the age of 8, realized that mother nature can do whatever it wanted. He could see the ashes plummets into the sky just before it covered the sky. He said that the sky immediately turned into dark like night for the rest of the day.

He went on to explain that the 2nd and 3rd day, it brightened a little but more of "grey days" than "pitch black" on the first day.

Ain't that a grand experience?

If Yellowstone do its job, the whole country probably will witness something like that and Merritt will be one of few people that says, "*Yawn*, been there, done that. Next!"



I rather to have Trump Tower than to have "Freedom" Tower!

When I heard that there would be 1,776-foot tall building in honor of World Trade Center by building a new building that only has 60 stories but the rest of the above is just glasses with irons just to reach 1,776 -- I cringed.

It is another evidence that our patriotism is way overboard. 1,776 is for 1776 -- the year of Independence. Absurd. The name of tower is "Freedom Tower" -- enough is enough. Please. Stop. It.

The design when I first saw it made me barf. I want the massive motherfucking building. When Donald Trump expressed his disgust with the bullshit design, I was relieved. Apparently, the faggots who designed the "Freedom Tower" wanted the building to imitate the Lady Liberty -- what the fuck? Please. Stop. It.

Two planes crashed into Twin Towers. It exploded. It killed thousands of people. Twin Towers collapsed. Shit happens. Move on. Let's just build a massive building and show the world what we are capable of. New Yorkers do not dwell on the past, they reflect but surge ahead in the future with a sense of pride.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThat "Freedom Tower" is not the sense of pride -- it is more of "See? We are the land of free!" It is not a sense of pride -- let it go. The majority of New Yorkers do not like this odd sissy looking building.

Its four or five proposed buildings has the roof that seems to tilt downwards -- I dread to imagine if the snow accumulates and it slid off the roof onto people who visited the memorial -- that would be hysterical to see snow maiming the spectators.

If it is 1,776 foot tall, then by all means, make the use of spaces above 60 stories. Don't stop it at 60! I know some tenants are afraid to move in, but give it time -- it will be full in no time. Be proud, be tough, surge ahead! But stop using "freedom", "1776", "Lady Liberty" and all that shit.

It is a slap to the real New Yorkers. Nobody cares about that any longer. They just wanted a great, massive and cool building that reflects the determination of New York, not reflect the patriotism of America outside of New York! After all, they did not do anything for us -- New Yorkers had been always fending itself for years and has been and always will!

Let's face it. The "Freedom Tower" is not cool. It is so barf.

Bring Donald Trump in and he'll shock the world with brazen ideas. At least, it is better than that crapola.

C'mon, New Yorkers!


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Guess Who I Am?

After taking the test, it computed that I am none other than ...

Did not surprise me, really.

And the scary part is that GayOrbit is Anakin Skywalker and I am Darth Vader -- well, I am a notch better than he will be. And I do not advertise nor ask readers to spread the words about my blog like he did. I let my performance do the job.


C'mon, It is Bullshit

Conservatives are crying a river about Newsweek's retraction related to the comments flushing the Koran down the toilet. One conservative guy (You kno who he is, right?) IMmed me out of amusement, I guess, with a line: "Newsweek Lied, People Died!"

Is this a line they stole from Liberals who said, "Bush Lied, People Died. Clinton Lied, Nobody Dies!"?

And let's see ... no weapons of mass destruction, 1,500 American soldiers dead, thousands injured, untold numbers of Iraqis civilians dead which the US Armed Forces treated as animals by refusing to count them as well ... and you Conservatives whined about Newsweek's retraction?

Where were you when Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction, Bush's enthusiasm to occupy Iraq on false and misleading information which some of the CIA operatives claimed that were pressured by the Bush Administration?

Spare me the hypocrisy, Wojnar.

There were theories on some blogs that the Newsweek were pressured by the Bush Administration to retract or face the wrath of being unpatriotic through other means.

Sounds like ... a typical of Sith?

Remember a while ago I compared Siths with Conservative Republicans? Well, the press are coming out with the exact comments that I said before I even saw the Episode III. You see, I am always right. I was always right. And I will be always right!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen GW Bush said "If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists." -- I was alarmed by that white/black category. Well, when Anakin Skywalker said, "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy." Obi-Wan Kenobi echoed my exact sentiments, "Only a Sith thinks in absolutes."

I have to be a Jedi or something better than Yoda. Hell, I can still remember my Mother weeping when Yoda finally died after living for 900 years. I was stunned when she wept as I saw someone leaving a wallet on the floor, I thought to myself, "My force is indeed dark." I took it. Mom saw it and grabbed it -- I yelled and gestured violently that "Finder-keeper! Finder-keeper!" Mom said, "No, no ... God whacks you if you do not give it back -- !!" Suddenly, the guy came back to look for it -- I grabbed the wallet from Mom and gave it to him, thus making myself look good and Mom looking bad. That guy gave me $5 for safeguarding the wallet. $5? That cheapskate hearie!

When I was a kid coming home for the weekend from deaf school, I told my older brother that I heard about the "famous movie people like titled wars star something?" My hearing brother talked about it and corrected me that it was not Wars Star -- and Mom took us to Ridge Cinema just right across from Regency Square Mall in Richmond, Virginia -- Yeah, Mom paid 6 of us siblings to see the flick along with Mom. When it opened with the famous line: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ..." -- then its famous few yellow words that rolled up from the bottom to the top -- if you can read the tiny words at the top of the roll, you must have an excellent vision! Then suddenly, a ship rolled in -- bam! You see the lasers shooting back and forth from this small ship and the scary white X-ian shit (c'mon to think of this, the destroyer ship looks like a cross if you analyzed it bit more) -- chasing down the vulnerable ship.

Yes, this was done without the captions. We rarely go to the cinemas unless it is worth the time to figure out what one is being said to the other. Hearing people took things for granted -- grr!

You know, a part of me likes Emperor Palpatine because he manipulated others for his needs -- when he said to Luke in Episode VI, "If you cannot be turned to the dark side, then your sister shall be." Luke raised his lightsaber as Darth Vader gets in a fight -- you could see Emperor Palpatine laughing maniacally. That is me. Guess what, I digress once again. I am getting caught in Star Wars hype, obviously.

Back to the subject, my dear dirty Conservatives, filthy Republicans and wacky Xians -- where were you when there was no weapons of mass destruction? Where were you when more than 1,500 American soldiers died? Where were you when GW Bush joked at a fundraising dinner that he thinks the weapons of mass destruction is in this dining room?

So be quiet for a change.