Thursday, May 12, 2005

Men Will Always Cheat

When a guy told me that he is loyal, trustworthy and honest -- I tend to roll my eyes slowly and smiled at my friends. Even with the fact that I have penis, I am aware that men do cheat. They do lie. It is human nature to lie.

Even the Borg Queen told Data, "You are becoming more human everyday, you are learning how to lie."

Even The Oracle asked The Architect in the last film of the Matrix Triology if The Architect is going to uphold the promise to the inhabitants of Zion that they will not attack Zion. The Architect chuckled and said something to an extent, "Remember, we are not humans."

By that, he meant humans do lie, humans do break promises, humans do things like this.

2,000 years ago, it was unlawful for a single woman to be pregnant under any circumstances. If a single jewish woman got pregnant without the proof of marriage, she would be stoned to death. Mary got pregnant. Oops. The common sense of human nature is to lie in order to save your life!

Simply put, point your finger in the sky and say, "He did it." You got the cosmic lie that continues to run today. I am talking about the possible theory of this -- it is nature for anyone to lie in order to spare their lives from certain deaths. Mary was no different, in my opinion.

It was no difference when Bill Clinton lied about his blowjob with Monica Lewinsky. It was no difference when Roger Kessler plagiarized an article for some newspaper. It was no difference when George W Bush claimed that he served honorably in the Armed Forces.

To lie and to be a hypocrite is two big difference. The Scranton Times in the city of Scranton about 111 miles north of where I am, declined to publish the articles mentioning their own Congressman Don Sherwood (R-PA) cheated on his wife with 29 years old woman. That old geezer, Don Sherwood, is 64 years old.

Republican or Democrat, everyone cheats at some points during the lifetime. But Congressman Sherwood is hypocrite. That is my beef -- lie or not, but he is hypocrite -- he advocated the morals and criticized others for bad morals but look at him, he cheated, did he?

I was amused when I found this, apparently someone is pissed off and decided to showcase the men who cheated on their spouses. I wonder if "Huh" can help their spouses by identifying them?

It was mentioned that our own brave soldiers and courageous police officers were busted in drug stings in Arizona recently by the United States Drugs Enforcement Agency. 16 of them. This proved that we need to legalize drugs. The War on Drugs has been the losing cause for years and will continue to do so.

IN Florida, I saw the brief segment on CNN that the Republican senator from Florida is suing the woman from Miami for mentioning in the papers that he was married six times. He is suing her for defamation of character -- the truth is that he was married only five times.

Five or six? What is the difference? If you fucked 110 times and someone said you fucked 112 times, is it big difference?

Absurdity is my medicine to stay alive in this world. OH, by the way, you do lie sometimes, though. Don't bother to lie -- remember, each time you lie, you are becoming more human than ever.



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