Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brian Malzkuhn Is At It Again

Once again, Brian Malzkuhn has made it to get the attention of I-TEAM of ABC Channel 7. He was placed on administrative leave from Ohlone College for attempting to do the scam on his students in Deaf Studies Program at Ohlone College.

Shame on Brian Malzkuhn. For more information on his administrative leave from Ohlone College, check this out.

On another hand, Bill Ramos looked familiar!

Update: My father informed me that Bill Ramos is the classmate of my father at VSDB in 1955. No wonder! I recalled Bill Ramos at some class reunions -- my father flew to San Francisco for the first time and Bill Ramos took him around San Francisco, much to his delight. Bill Ramos is slated to lose his home because Brian Malzkuhn stole his money.

Mary and Eric Malzkuhn, your son reflects what kind of hooligans you are. Megan, Mez and Matt, you should be ashamed of your own father. Your father robbed a decent man in Bill Ramos. At least, the Deaf people across the nation knew what kind of hooligans the Malzkuhns breed!


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