Wednesday, May 11, 2005

David Barton Gym

One of the "prestigious" gym in New York, David Barton Gym, which is owned by David Barton, a heterosexual married man living in Miami is located in Chelsea.

Like many gym in New York, gay sex seems to be rampant in gym, much to my disgust. My friend claimed that he was shocked to see two gay guys fucking on the top of the lockers at NYSC Gym because on the top of lockers, you could get fucked and watch the front door opening or not -- if it opens and someone who works for the gym, one can jump off the top of the lockers and act as if nothing happened. My friend dressed up after a workout and noticed the fall of the opened condom bag landing on the floor. He turned upwards and his eyes nearly popped out when he saw two legs in the air as another guy humped between the flying legs.

Perhaps, the only nicest place I can think of any gymnasium is Equinox -- they literally enforced the rules by sending the workers in the locker rooms every 5 to 8 minutes, either to clean up or monitor the rooms.

But NYSC, they don't give a shit. I know because I visited.

However, for David Barton Gym, it costs $950 annual membership fee. It claims to be all that luxury for a simple gymnasium -- this gymnasium is located in the same building where the famous song about YMCA Village Boys were inspired. IN fact, it used to be the YMCA before it was converted into David Barton Gym.

Yes, Dylan, Manny and Toby -- this was the same building that all of us took our showers when we first visited New York.

However, a heterosexual man was fed up with David Barton Gym's lackadaisal efforts to reduce the rampant of gay sex in the gym so he is suing for $25K. Good for him. I just think that these fags needed to get a life.

P.S. David Barton is straight? Married? But look at the picture, for God's sake. He is so fag as things go by.

Update: Remember the scene in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Evertyhing, Julie Newmar" where RuPaul made an appearance on the stage to announce the winner of Miss New York Pageant and the boy in chains walked shirtless to RuPaul. RuPaul catcalled, "I do not know who he is, but if there is a snowstorm tonight, he's going to be on my tires." People erupted in cheers. That boy in chains is David Barton.

Ew. Not my thing.


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