Thursday, May 19, 2005

Few Comments About This, That and There

Herpes Caught From the UV Booth? Apparently someone thinks so. Dumb trollop that amounts to nothing on the subject. The Kurzetard once whined that Mike Rogers called Bruce Carroll's workplace about the blog he wrote as GayPatriot -- which he immediately resigned. But it is the same antic that Kurzetard is attempting on several people who blasted her to smithereens for her lies. IN turn, she is making calls to badmouth the people that she loathed so much. So much for her so-called Christian hypocrisy whoremonger.

Kurzetard, here is the message: Seva mi levo jaje!

These are one of funniest curse words found in Serbian language.

Mordru Is Back! I know it is silly, really. Dylan emailed me to let me know that Mordru is making an appearance in one of comic books, which I suspected, led to the DC Comics' major crossover called "Day of Vengeance". I'm so thrilled -- the last time Mordru was seen when Doctor Fate imprisoned him in the Rock of Eternity. But apparently, he is taunting Shazam's Wizard who regarded the Rock of Eternity as a good place to imprison Mordru. Well, Mordru is an omnipotent being -- he was never born, nor will ever die. Whoo! I was also informed by a writer inside the DC Comics that Amethyst is making a dramatic return in this summer's crossover, pending the approval from big guys above. If that is the case, expect me to drain lots of $ to read Mordru's struggles to conquer the universe and ultimately, face Amethyst once again ... hopefully. That is the entertainment, folks.

One of many quotes I liked from Mordru -- when Mordru ambushed a group of super-heroes with his allies, his allies wanted to continue by assault and burning the city. Mordru smiled, "Why burn it when you can rule them for eons?" Smart man.

Today is Thursday! Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is being shown across the world. I need to find out the dates for captions in Philadelphia -- anyone care to help? Don't be so bitch, please.

Anal Sex is Family Value! Want to read Dr. Hager's concept of family values? Appparently, he is Christian and is against the birth control pills but enjoyed raping his ex-wife by anal sex while she sleeps. Such a cute X-ian family values, really!

The best line of the article was: 'Oh, I didn't mean to have anal sex with you; I can't feel the difference,'

The Dangers of Patriot Act: Joan Airoldi is the true American Patriot. I already warned the dangers of Patriot Act. Check this. Soon, you'll be whisked away for reading something that goes against the American beliefs.

Patriot Act II: The 'tarded Republicans are working on a bill to permit the Homeland Security Department to subpoena records without the permission of a judge or grand jury. This is one of many little steps that will turn the nation from democracy into dictatorship.

And They Said Republicans Are For Small Government: People said that Conservatives and Republicans wanted less governmental interferences, tax cuts, smaller government -- yet, this Republican Ted Steven of Alaska is regarded as No. 1 for wasting government's money.

Review about Episode III: The New Yorker has the way of words with things in life: Anthony Lane, The New Yorker -- What can you say about a civilization where people zip from one solar system to the next as if they were changing their socks but where a woman fails to register for an ultrasound, and thus to realize that she is carrying twins until she is about to give birth?

Dead Sea and Jordan River: Between Israel and Jordan lies the famous body of salty Dead Sea with a river lining up from the Sea of Galilee to Dead Sea, dividing two nations between Jordan and Israel. Well, the Jordan River is dirty, filled with raw sewage and dead. The Dead Sea is fast disappearing -- 3 feet per year. Thanks to the growth population of Israel and Jordan -- maybe it is a sign for us just to disregard the Holy Land as a thing of the past? If you insist to be baptized in raw sewage-filled Jordan River, more power to thee.

This reminded me of Devils Lake in North Dakota, the lake is *growing*, much to the chagrin of residents. IN fact, the city of Devils Lake, also home to North Dakota School for the Deaf, is negotiating with Canada to SELL off the excessive water that was drained into this lake. This lake is growing at the pace of 2 feet per year.

So this reminded me of something funny in a comic book a long time ago where a scientist argued with another scientist -- one scientist said, "This is blasphemy, you expected me to address this to to the prestigious groups that might finance this?!" Another scientist said, "But the evidence is there! It is there! The Empire State Building is growing!"

First Street and Second Avenue? This actor on Desperate Housewives were busted for smoking weed outside of a bar on First Street and Second Avenue in New York -- I'm bit baffled. I know of a gothic bar on that corner, The Hole and that Japanese Bar and yeah, the Urge between 2nd Street and 1st Street. My bet is the Japanese Bar or The Hole.

Red uniforms win better? My high school consists of red and black, I must be that lousy. I could not even win a championship not even for sixth place in the Mason-Dixon Tournament even with red uniforms on.

Birds Go Haywire In Houston: As a bird, I would attack anyone else who comes too close to my babies, motherfuckers.

About Matt Drudge: Matt Drudge seems to enjoy bashing on media when they questioned the hard ones to White House. But when people turned the tables on Matt Drudge, he whined that his life is privacy. No, Matt Drudge, you lost your privacy when you peppered on others' lives. People already knew that you're gay -- you looked like one, people saw you kissing a guy, several claimed you hit on them. But you re one of many Roehmosexuals -- like Roy Cohn who denied that he is gay but enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. Bizarre guy. Oh, by the way, Matt is not attractive.


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