Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cannot Wait About Three Things!

I cannot wait for three things today:

1. Seeing the Episode III tonight (possibly) with rearview captioning. Better than nothing -- at least, some folks would probably look at us as "futuristic" folks and ... the movie is based not in the future but in the PAST!

2. Buying the graphic novel of JSA's Prince of Darkness where Mordru devastated New York before chained to the Rock of Eternity.

3. Seeing Liz and Cory tomorrow night at L2 Bar & Restaurant on South Street. Liz is hearing, gorgeous and dynamic woman. It is been ages since I saw her. Liz is fun and wild girl -- the gal that I immensely enjoyed very much. Cory, some of you knew him as ... Cory Donahue. 'nuff said. Don't act so surprised!

Gus' little bird is fucking a stick in the birdcage -- if you want to see it via the videophone, let me know.

It is beautiful day. I'm going to watch "Latter Days" now. It is about the LDS guy on the missionary who fell in love with another male.

Whee! Whee! See? I love the LDS guys -- many of 'em are fuckable. Oh, yeah, Jeff Carlson is fuckable but that does not mean we will do it, though.


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