Friday, May 13, 2005

Base Closures, Walter Reed Medical Center And An Update

Base Closures: Wait a minute! Bush asked for billions of dollars to fight "terrorism" around the globe and the Pentagon are closing 33 bases? When Clinton proposed the base closings, Republicans whined and fought each step of the way. Now the Pentagon is allowed to do this? Our Armed Forces are going down the toilet.

We'll be bankrupt, anyway.

Walter Reed Medical Center: Walter Reed Medical Center is owned by the Armed Forces and it is slated to be closed as one of 33 base closings proposed by the Pentagon. I'll miss the weird museum next to the Medical Center where you get to observe the human baby with one eye, the human baby that seems to be some kind of fish. Very weird but entertaining!

Carrie Wants You To Know: Remember the entry that I talked about the Trekkies tend to be pedophiles not a while ago. Well, in this article, they found the exploited girl ... in Pittsburgh. She is doing well, her adoptive father is in jail for molesting her.

Virginia is for Dumb Conservatives: As many of you knew, there is an ongoing struggle between the alumni, the city of Staunton and the State Board of Education in what to do with the deaf schools in Virginia -- to consolidate them? To build a new school? Or to remain in Staunton and renovate at the cheaper price? According to this article, there are lack of priority amongst the Conservative Republicans -- the quality of education at VSDB needs to improve and why did the State Board of Education ask about whether if the VSDB has "suspended indoor track" -- what the fuck? Why is it important? That is Virginia for you.

Tonight, I'm out to Liberty Bears stuff in Center City. Oh, I got a videophone call from Carl Way, he said that there is going to be a party at ... Mundey & Cowden's place -- should we crash and destroy the incessant pool?


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