Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Few Jabs: Dartmouth, HushStorm and Sith Queens

Last November, I went to Hanover, New Hampshire with Chris and Shane for Dartmouth College's Gay-Lesbian Alumni Reunion. I wrote during my stay in Hanover which Dartmouth is the heartbeat of Hanover.

You see, Chris graduated from Dartmouth. Yes, he's a hearing but he's my friend first. When I was a junior at Gallaudet, Dartmouth intrigued me after its fierce battle with Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball team in the NCAA Tournament which Virginia won by 3. Dartmouth intrigued me becaue of its attitude. Meeting Chris kinda echoed my suspicions about Dartmouth. Chris asked me if I wanted to go with him to Dartmouth. I seized upon the opportunity.

I did mention to Chris that I was hoping to meet Dartmouth's Andrew Goldstein, an All-American lacrosse player who is probably the first gay to come out of the closet, especially with 'team-based' sport while he is STILL on the team. Gymnastics, fencing, figure skating and swimming do not count, honey. Chris grinned and said that anything can happen but no high hopes. I never saw him, though. Maybe I did but was too distracted with the beauty of the college and its town and Andrew probably passed me by. Who knows?

There are athletic players (no, working at the gym does not count!) who are gay like Dave Kopay and Billy Bean. But they came out of the closet AFTER they stopped playing. Of course, they do not count. Andrew is the first. Billy Bean turned me off when I went to see his lecture which he lacked an interpreter (after I asked for one) and I fired an email to Billy which he took a fucking YEAR to answer it!

But either way, I'm glad that ESPN did a great spotlight on Andrew Goldstein. You can read the articles I talked about the visit to Dartmouth on this, that and there.

Andrew Sullivan is correct when he said that we will win the whole thing related to gay issues including marriage because people will see that being gay is not a threat to the society after dealing with their teammate in Andrew Goldstein. We may losing battles as of now, but when the baby boomers are dead and removed from the society, they will be replaced by Gen X and others who probably will outpoll and outvote the anti-gay folks in everything. Mark my words.

* * *

Aarie of HushStorm lied! He said that "The Grudge" is not good as it is. I thought it was scary flick. I told Jason that if that damned child tried to yowl at me -- I'll fucking jump on the kid just to throw him off the track -- I won't show my fears. He agreed. Then I walked in the kitchen to get a drink -- then walked back to the living room through the dining room in the dark. Jason sprang like that child from the movie in the dining room -- scared me shitless. I nearly tossed the drink away. I actually screamed enough to wake up the Vietnamese and Guatemalans and some dead folks around here! Damn Jason.

* * *

I was supposed to head back to Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon. But ... the group insisted that I stay one more day so that we can watch the open captioned of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith at 9:45 PM. Yes, I already saw the film two weeks ago with rear window captions, I was overwhelmed and confused for the first 30 minutes because I was not used to the RWC thing. But now with the open captioned film in Chinatown's new Gallery Place Regal Cinemas, why not? So expect to see us there!


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