Monday, May 30, 2005

Perhaps ...

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

I took the Metro subway to Greenbelt. The line where I rode is filled with tourists for the Memorial Day Weekend. I saw a child lying on the subway platform, bored out of its mind, rolled around the floor. Its tongue touching the platform floor as the child's parents begged it not to stick the tongue on the floor. If I was a hearing person, I would kneel down to the child and say, "Honey, last night someone vomitted on this very spot. Think about it."

Proceeded to see Darlene for a dinner. We pretty much caught up with everything else. It was nice seeing Karl, Therese, Alexander and Heidi. Therese made a fabulous dinner of roast beef. I enjoyed it very much.

Soon I split from them in Chinatown en route to DuPont Circle, trying to beat the closing time at the store -- I failed.

So off to the Lizard Lounge. It is filled with twinks and bois, much to my disappointment. Lots of shoves and pushes, since my left knee is still not 100 percent healthy, it was pretty aggravating for others to bump into me. Naturally, drink after another drink, I became expressive in what I expect of others to behave.

I busted one wannabe interpreter trying to eavesdrop our conversations then I blasted him to smithereens that it was rude of him to do that. He profusely apologized.

Blah, blah, blah. I bumped into ... Luke and Ted! Two hearing friends of mine in the District whom I hadn't seen in nearly 4 years. They looked so good. It was such a blessing in disguise to see them in a lousy place like Lizard Lounge.

I also bumped into an acquaintenance whom I knew from New York in that bar.

We ended up gong home at 6 AM.

So today was very shitty for me and we are going to rent some horror movies so that we can snicker at sissies' shrieks tonight. Poor the neighbors.


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