Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I rather to have Trump Tower than to have "Freedom" Tower!

When I heard that there would be 1,776-foot tall building in honor of World Trade Center by building a new building that only has 60 stories but the rest of the above is just glasses with irons just to reach 1,776 -- I cringed.

It is another evidence that our patriotism is way overboard. 1,776 is for 1776 -- the year of Independence. Absurd. The name of tower is "Freedom Tower" -- enough is enough. Please. Stop. It.

The design when I first saw it made me barf. I want the massive motherfucking building. When Donald Trump expressed his disgust with the bullshit design, I was relieved. Apparently, the faggots who designed the "Freedom Tower" wanted the building to imitate the Lady Liberty -- what the fuck? Please. Stop. It.

Two planes crashed into Twin Towers. It exploded. It killed thousands of people. Twin Towers collapsed. Shit happens. Move on. Let's just build a massive building and show the world what we are capable of. New Yorkers do not dwell on the past, they reflect but surge ahead in the future with a sense of pride.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThat "Freedom Tower" is not the sense of pride -- it is more of "See? We are the land of free!" It is not a sense of pride -- let it go. The majority of New Yorkers do not like this odd sissy looking building.

Its four or five proposed buildings has the roof that seems to tilt downwards -- I dread to imagine if the snow accumulates and it slid off the roof onto people who visited the memorial -- that would be hysterical to see snow maiming the spectators.

If it is 1,776 foot tall, then by all means, make the use of spaces above 60 stories. Don't stop it at 60! I know some tenants are afraid to move in, but give it time -- it will be full in no time. Be proud, be tough, surge ahead! But stop using "freedom", "1776", "Lady Liberty" and all that shit.

It is a slap to the real New Yorkers. Nobody cares about that any longer. They just wanted a great, massive and cool building that reflects the determination of New York, not reflect the patriotism of America outside of New York! After all, they did not do anything for us -- New Yorkers had been always fending itself for years and has been and always will!

Let's face it. The "Freedom Tower" is not cool. It is so barf.

Bring Donald Trump in and he'll shock the world with brazen ideas. At least, it is better than that crapola.

C'mon, New Yorkers!


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