Tuesday, May 24, 2005

News Tidbits That Affects Me and You

There is a general tour at my alma mater where the state is considering about renovating or closing to build a new campus. You could see the red-brick building in one picture -- that used to be my high school dormitory, Darden Hall. That dorm is one big funhouse. Fights, dramas, naughty stuff and so on ruled the dormitory. Yes, there is a legend about the ghost that wandered around on 2nd floor which in late 1970s, all boys on the 2nd floor witnessed witnessed the phenomenom. So Tom Sebrell, Stanley Byers and Regina Kidd said.

Will the state just shut and listen to our demands? Unlikely.

On another hand, the whole filibuster option has been averted in Washington but it comes with a heavy price on gays and disabled groups. They got to let William Pryor to get the up-down vote. Which really sucked.

William Pryor, himself the hateful person, is an attorney who petitioned the courts to forbid the gays from setting up their own gay-friendly organizations in schools and colleges because it is illegal to suck a cock or fuck someone in the ass. Now he is going to be the one to sit on the judge, issuing the decisions based on his personal opinions in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta for the rest of his life.

He casted the vote that upheld the ban on gay adoption in Florida, making it the first state in the nation to outlaw gays from adopting children who needed homes.

William also wanted to dismantle (or water down) the Americans with Disabilities Act, mainly because he thinks there is no discrimination against the disabled ones and that the law itself is "unnecessary".

By having William Pryor on the bench, our rights as whoever you are will be set back in years.


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