Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mind Your Own Business, Putin Says

According to the DrudgeReport, Vladimir Putin will take a shot at our government to mind our own business. I completely agreed with Vladimir Putin, we cannot go out and criticize others while we do not focus on ourselves first.

We have too much problems on our hands here in this country where Republicans aligned with dirty Conservatives and crazy X-ians to bash the Democrats, Liberals on a daily basis. Some states has questionable election problems. The Bush Administration tried to use 52% of the election total as a mandate which is ridiculous to start with.

The Administration approved the use of torture, approved the denial of due process to anyone else that is/was imprisoned on the United States' property. The Administration produced the Patriot Act which is terribly thing for the authorities to abuse against us.

We have no business of telling Russians what to do whereas we do not run the true democracy in this country. When you claimed that this country is democratic, I say bullshit. There are too many corruptions on every level with the federal, state, local governments and businesses to a point where they fucked around with people from day one.

For a change, Putin is right.


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