Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Coming To ...

May 26-31: Washington, DC! Green Lantern, The Fireplace, Halo and Apex are the MUST on the agenda. This is last-minute thing, I need to wash clothes before I head out! Eeek! I am hoping to meet old friends like Merritt, Manny, Imel et al. A friend offers me to crash at his place for the weekend.

June 9-12: New York! Stay with friends -- check Brooklyn Pride Festival and fuck a certain married man for our monthly appointment.

June 12-16: Las Vegas! Whatever happened STAY THERE in Las Vegas between me and Chris! Alert: Chris is a good friend of mine who is ... hearie! Shocked?! He graduated from Dartmouth, an Ivy league school -- we had been good friends for almost 3 years now. See? I can tolerate a hearie! Yes, that was a pig flying past you few seconds ago.

June 23-27: Toronto! For its Gay Pride's 25th of Bullshit ... Will hang out with Merritt, Manny and the legendary Adrian. The rumor has that I'll get to meet this elusive twink boi *barf) whom I thought was nice but certainly not, HushStorm in Toronto, as well. I also am hoping to see Wil Sharpe and TactileJunk if possible.

All in all, the month of June seems to be on the roll. For others who abhorred me, act busy.


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