Monday, May 09, 2005

2007 Deaflympics Winter Games

I stumbled upon this information that the Deaflympics Committee has chosen Salt Lake City to host the 16th Deaflympics Winter Games on February 1 to 10, 2007.

Good luck, Utahns, let's see if you can host us well like Melbourne did recently. I sincerely hope Utahns will prove much better than they did to the deaf people in Utah in the past. If not, I'll kidnap these gorgeous Mormon guys between 20 to 30 to fulfill my fantasies.

The logo is not bad ...

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On another hand, Alan, care to host me and my friends during the 16th Deaflympics Winter Games, pleeeeease?

Congratulations, Utah, for taking this as a challenge.

I had been to Salt Lake City once in the past -- the Wasatch Mountains are enormous, magnificent -- it was not easy to keep driving and not be in awe of the Wasatch Mountains on your right side. You could see the skyline of Salt Lake City sitting on the foot of the Wasatch Mountains and on your left side, you can see the Great Salt Lake looming not far.

Certainly not my preference to live but incredibly place to visit. I once entered the fast food restaurant near Salt Lake City and was stunned that the folks cooking the food is all white. In the South, you always see the cashiers being whites, the cooks being black. I left Salt Lake City on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I was overwhelmed with its mother nature.

Naturally, I'd love to head back to Salt Lake City in time for Deaflympics Winter Games.


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