Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Dark Crystal

I'm going to set up the Wish List so that I can get The Dark Crystal. It is been years since I get to see that film. Looking back on the storyline, it gave me some kind of hope.

According to the story, the Crystal was shattered and bred two races: urRu and Skeksis -- urRu are the Mystics, wiser and calm. Skeksis are wicked, greed and hunger for power, ruled the region with terror. There was a prophecy where the missing shard that will heal the Crystal at the same time when three suns comes in the alignment and the two races will be assimilated and returned to the Crystal.

Skeksis, for obvious reasons, dread that. urRu were ready. Suffice to say, in the ending part where the brave character finally put the missing shard into the Crystal inside the Skeksis' castle as urRu arrived in time to overcome the Skeksis' resistance as the Crystal brightened the room and urRu eventually swallowed the Skeksis into their beings and cleansed the sins of the place.

Today, I look at the struggles of Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals -- one day, the ones with the common sense will swallow the rest. Just like the urRu did with the Skeksis.

I'll leave you to your own imagination.


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