Saturday, May 14, 2005

Frank's Pub

Go figure.

Gus was too sick to go anywhere, so I stayed home to take care of his. So I missed out on the second night of Liberty Bears but tonight, I am *not* going to miss a thing.

There is an Irish pub right across the street which I checked out. Frank's Pub is very heterosexual bar. When I entered, people stared at me -- wondering who I am. That's OK. I went upstairs, suddenly, I saw four white guys using the billard pool sticks to whack a black guy -- a racist attack? But on my right side, I saw 3 black guys whooping the white guys to do the job -- apparently, it was not the case of racism.

Drama ensued for few minutes before things settled down -- met nice fellows and chatted the best way I can.

Then went home at 3 AM. Only to find out that the Sorenson Videophone Box is dead -- why? Gus left the plant on the top of the box, blocking the vent -- thus trapped it and killed it. Gus is a machine murderer.

But Great Gods, he's feeling much better and ready to play around tonight. I'm off to see Liz tonight. And few bars in Center City. It should be fun. OH, one thing -- we went to a small festival at Norristown Area High School called "West Norriton Day" -- all I see is white trash and all that b.s. It's nice. I wanted a sno-cone -- so I cut in the line, using my "ear" thing to get what I wanted -- there was a long line for funnel cakes (which I do not want) along with the sno-cones. I did not want to wait behind people who is waiting for funnel cakes -- I only wantes the sno-cones so I cut in and tell the guy to get me sno-cone then we're out. Just like that. Har, har.

Just read this article -- Russia is making a lot of efforts to PAY back the debts -- they are progressive in comparison with us. WE still owed a lot of $$ to many countries including the United Nations. We are "supposed" to be the richest country in the world but we have trillions in debts and yet, we do not make it our priority.

Russia makes it a priority -- smart move. Our government is dumb. They are concerned about the social security, the war on terrorism, the assault on gays and minorities rights, to occupy Iraq, plans to whack Iran and North Korea -- while Russia is quietly taking care of its debts then they probably will end up as one of the leading countries in the world along with the United Kingdom while the United States, under the leadership of Republican idiots, fell apart.

Hell, I'm all for it.

Oh, by the way, Bill Frist, you idiot -- you think being Congressman meant you can be above the law? Even to park illegally to buy some shoes does not mean you are above the law. My friends, I bet, he will try to deal with his "friends" in other places to get his parking ticket waived.

Have fun whatever you do -- OH, yeah, Gus' mother has a swimming pool -- only two blocks away -- meaning what? You get the drift.


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