Friday, May 13, 2005

Gallaudet Commencement

Before anyone else can attack me outright on this -- congratulations to the Class of 2005.

I had been watching Gallaudet Commencement during the live webcast. It is nice, so nice, to have the captions when you cannot understand I. King Jordan's fingerspelling. Either he's bad fingerspeller or I'm getting old.

Andy Lange has a moustache. Who does he thinks he is? Tom Selleck? Andy, your moustache won't get women behind your wife's back!

Anyway, let's back to the list of people that I knew ... I'd wish to congratulate some and bash some as well. You know how it is -- I cannot live without bashing someone else in the process. That's what makes you guys snicker behind the monitor where nobody else knew. YOu can always tell your friends, "Did you read what RT said? That was so awful!" But the reality is that when nobody is around you, you laughed at the comments I made because it is SO true.

The folks that I do not know who has been eliminated because they wasted my space and time. These ones who got mentioned are, rest assured, going to be commented. Anything to add, feel free to talk about it in the comment box!

Doctor of Philosophy
Carolyn D. McCaskill -- This is another milestone for Deaf African-American woman whose I never took a class under but I enjoyed talking to her in person. She is dynamic and funny person.

Doctor of Audiology
Nobody I knew is on the list-- do you think I'd befriend an Audiologist? My ass, fuckwads.

Education Specialist
Nobody else I knew!

Specialist in School Psychology

Master of Arts/Master of Science/Master of Social Work
Tammy Mae Ennis -- a nice gal, I used to work with her in Benson Hall! Congratulations, Tammy!
Hollie Michele Fallstone -- weird gal.
Jenifer Ann Floyd -- Heard a lot about her and finally met her last summer, very nice woman.
Linnae Ann Gallino -- how many Masters does this gal has?
William George Garrow -- This is hearing guy whom I first thought was Deaf and he loved it. Very cute, but straight. Very cool, laid-back skaterboy! He told me that he does not have a cellphone nor a regular phone. He only owns TDD, videophone and pager. He said that he does not have hearing friends. I have to decree him as Deaf person, Will you are now Deaf.
Daniel Joseph Girard -- Nice gay boy whose I am wary at times. ;-)
Rose Ann Sarah Goodman -- Aww, congratulations, Rosey!
Kelly Marie Gunderson -- Heard that she's dramatic gal but she's always nice to me.
Joseph Michael Kolcun -- About time you get out of there, Joey! But thanks for the fun times in the fraternity!
Christen Ascension Moreno -- I am surprised that she was even in graduate school.
Stacy Ann Nowak -- Stacy, KDES, MSSD, Gallaudet as undergraduate and now finishing graduate school -- all on one campus -- when will you ever get a life outside of Kendall Green?
Sarah DesHotels Tullier -- a Cajun gal who is now NYC Newbie, congratulations, dear!
Lisa Diana Wasilowski -- Sonny's wife -- Lisa -- love you!!
Michael Francis Wynne -- About time.
Dorian Richard Yanke -- Eww!
Jamie Ann Yost -- Knew the name, she's Virginian and so am I.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
Anthony Adamo -- One of the most popular HUG students at Gallaudet. Sexy, though.
Raymonda Azrelyant -- So-so girl but I always thought her brother is hottie.
Jill Kay Birchall -- Congratulations, Jilly!
Keith E Blamble -- My god, this boy is graduating?!
Arlinda Suzanna Boland -- Congratulations, Arlinda!
Kitty Sue Bottoms -- This gal's family lives few miles away from my parents' house. Nice gal, but crazy family.
Marcus Michael Chmaj -- Pah!
Keith Lyle Clark -- One of my best friends, in fact, he is one of Leathal Weapon 3 (Me, Mark and Keith)
Raymond Paul Clark -- When will he emerge out of the closet?
Stephanie Lynn Danner -- Gallaudet's greatest swimmer.
Jason Edmund Dietz -- My favorite elementary school teacher's sister's son is Jason. Nice fellow. Also loved Jason's mother, Rita. Rita is feisty and hilarious woman in New York.
Terri Monroe Dietz -- Jason's wild wife. By wild, I meant in a very positive way.
Joshua Seth Dowling -- This fag liar is graduating?
Christopher Hayden Driscoll -- The best heterosexual a gay person could have in a friend. We partied so hard frequently when we were in college -- took him forever to graduate. Love him to death.
Cassey Love Ellis -- Smart and feisty gal.
Esme Pearl Farb -- Esme, congratulations! The path on your side is very difficult that nobody else can imagine what it is like to be in your shoes but I root for you, m'love!
Stephen Hernan Farias -- Time flew fast? He's graduating?
Kristin Renee Feldman -- Pah!
Sean Ryan Hauschildt -- This is wacky guy that I enjoyed to chat from time to time.
Mark Lee Helmuth -- My other best friend, one of Lethal Weapon 3 (LW3)
Tanya Dawn Holmes -- What's next for this woman? The US President?
Jonathan Myron Hughes -- Nice fella. I'm not saying anything here.
Amanda Nicole Huser -- She is now graduating? Shit, time flew fast.
Jesse Jones III -- It is only matter of time before he realized who he is.
Shannon Ruth Kapp -- My dear girl, congratulations!
Ryan Cloyd Kelly -- Ryan, Ryan, Ryan -- you did it!
Matthew Hideo Kohashi -- Great photographer during Deaflympics
Heather Dawn Lewis -- Nice gal but I cannot stand her brother, Ben.
Raylene Paulayne Lotz -- Nice gal.
Matthew Louis Malzkuhn -- His father is Brian Malzkuhn who conned many deafies.
Edwin Manuel Martinez, Jr. -- What a milestone for him!
Michael Adam Milcznski -- Nice guy. Did not get to know him more.
Laurie Rose Miskovsky -- She's back in school?
Amelia Christabel Mowl -- She is nice but the gossips continue to run that she is really a hearing person. She flunked (or passed?) the Audiology tests, I was told.
Amy R. Nelson -- Sweet God, she graduated! Congratulations, Amy.
Kristy Nan Nowak -- Sister of Stacy Nowak who never left Kendall Green. Sad, though.
Svenna Britt Pedersen -- Heard a lot about her but never met.
Gerald Michael Pickering -- Always saw him around, thought he was bit odd.
Gregory Joseph Podlaha -- [Guys and gals, fill your words in this blank]
Zavier SabiĆ³ -- This guy thinks he's all that.
Cody Clint Sadler -- He graduated? Now he can go back to the place where the sun does not shine.
Shoshannah Oppenheimer Stern -- This gal is fun to party with, trust me. At first, I thought she was too much for me but when we got drunk, she is hysterical.
Christopher Troy Sutton -- Eeek! Mercy upon us for this fella is graduating!
Todd David Timmer -- A homophobic conservative prick.
David Lee Trevathan -- Lee, Lee, congratulations! But be careful with these stuff
Jaimie Valencia -- Nice fella.
Kathleen P.J.M. Vercruysse -- The Girl from Belgium, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This gal can swear that the first day we were introduced by Rico of The Netherlands, drama ensued for days between three of us!
Terri Paulette Vincent -- NYC Idiot
Jesse Christopher Woosley -- Nice guy, never talked but always saw him everywhere.
Marlon Bernard Wynne -- About time.
Ryan Matthew Zarembka -- Ryan, honest to God, must you mention Kappa Gamma when you speak to the student body? Just wait when you step into the real world -- Kappa Gamma is not the world.



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