Friday, May 27, 2005

Last Night

Last night, as expected, drama ensued.

Had a good time with Jess, Wittig, Toby, Mikey, Marby and Manny at Green Lantern. Then we went to The Fireplace's for an hour. I chatted with the bartender whom I am quite fond of when I used to live in DC -- and God, she still remembered my favorite drink!

Met another blogger. His address is in my jeans' pocket somewhere in Toby's bedroom. I'll mention it later, he has a cute boyfriend.

Then we went to The Apex where drama continued. And my left knee gave away ... again. I was trying to get away from the crowd that seemed to mirred with shoves and pushing. Then suddenly, my left knee was too slow (maybe IT was drunk) to turn left and I crashed on the floor, tossed my drink on the crowd. It was evident that I was drunk because I was concerned about not finishing the drink more than my left knee and the crowd that my drink landed on.

And today, I'm nursing the sprained knee.

Only first night of 4, already I got injured. Go figure.


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