Thursday, May 12, 2005

Scott McClellan, Are You Retard?

Perhaps the worst press secretary of White House in the last 200 years has to be Scott McClellan. This boy thought that the press corps are stupid.

Did you notice that the Bush Administration seemed to be obsessed with September 11? Everything revolves the 11th of September. These dumbass folks need to stay in New York and watch how New Yorkers adapted to the demise of World Trade Center. I think it is safe to say that the New Yorkers are living very normal in comparison with the folks in White House. They are already past the mourning and denial stage, what happened in the Nation's Capital was dumb.

Did you know that nobody notified Bush until the whole drama ensued ended, then 36 minutes later, Bush was briefed by the secret service that White House was evacuated, and this, that and there? 36 minutes later? What if something really happened that can affect the nation's security in minutes and yet, let's not bother Bush with his "workout exercise"?

When the White House Press Corps asked Scott why they did not notify Bush about what happened. Scott repeated the bullshit line 10 times that there are protocols that were placed right after the September 11 drama.

What protocols?

Rubbish. Scott is the classic 'tard.


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