Friday, May 06, 2005

Guess Where I'm Going On The Weekend of June 24 - 26?

I was humbled by the invitation from Merritt to travel with them to a place for Gay Pride Parade & Festival on the weekend of June 24 - 26.

Guess where we are going?

Image hosted by

Yup, you saw it here. Wanna make a bet that this will make Adrian the happiest fag in the whole province of Ontario?

Toronto, be prepared for we are ... coming!

* * *

On a fun note, guess who is the guy on this particular panel?

Image hosted by

Who is buried alive? For centuries?

Serious case, I'm hooked with videophones -- am making lots of calls, lots of folks to catch up. Serious case -- sooner or later, I hope some guys will expose themselves to me just to make me smile or blush! Anyone volunteer?



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