Sunday, May 15, 2005

Only In Texas

If it was 4 black men beating up on white guy and left him to die in an open pasture, there would be an uproar in Texas. It was not a long time ago when this fella from Texas whined that there has to be some kind of punishment for African-American kids who roughed and beat up on white teenagers in New York.

This Texan was quick to complain about an incident that happened 1,641 miles away from his backyard but he was largely muted when something happened in his backyard (255 miles away).

What happened is that there were four white boys who lured the mentally disabled African American boy to the white-only party where they could tease, pick and eventually wasted him to a point where this mentally disabled person now cannot walk on his own and cannot speak clearly.

All four white boys were slapped on the wrist on charges that is pretty much meaningless to start with. These four white trash, the jury decided, deserved a second chance instead of facing the music at all. Boo hoo, the white trash made a "stupid mistake", they should not be punished for crippling the mentally disabled person.

Apparently, the mentally disabled African American man is not valued at all, according to the white trash folks in Linden, Texas.

IN Texas where it is OK to raise the Rebel flag next to the American flag, where it is OK that whites sit with whites in this section and blacks sit with blacks in other section. I know because I saw stuff like that in Tennessee and South Carolina. There is an unspeakable rule -- blacks sit over there, whites here -- it is unlawful to segregate but the social rules remain the same.

This is the reason why we needed the hate crimes laws enacted to make sure that the culprits won't get away with this actions.

John Wesley Owens, Dallas Stone, James Cory Hicks and Christopher Colt Amox are four white trash thugs who does not deserve a chance to live and hold a job because they totally destroyed a person's dignity. This was premeditated, wanton and random act of violence upon a minority person. But in towns like Linden where the courts routinely made deals with whites and favored whites over blacks, it did not surprise the African American community.

Just look at this article -- nothing will happen to four white trash folks, but if it was four black thugs on white person -- four black thugs would be lynched so fast that you could not stop the fire alarm from setting itself off.

A typical day in Texas, really. Don't forget to whack a black guy in Texas -- you can get away with it with a slap on the wrist. That is their message to white trash these days.


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