Sunday, May 15, 2005

For Kathleen P.J.M. Vercruysse

Kathleen, congratulations with your graduation from Gallaudet. This girl was introduced to me by a good friend of mine, Rico who hailed from Amsterdam, The Netherlands in Summer 2001. At that time, Rico told me that Kathleen will join with us to Paramount Kings Dominion two days after she arrived from her country, Belgium.

Rico warned Kathleen that I'm going to americanize her like I did with Rico and Berna. It was all in good tease. I met Kathleen before everyone else did -- I immediately liked her, her aura and her sense of adventure.

On the first Saturday of June where each year, there is Deaf Awareness Day at Paramount Kings Dominion, hundreds of Deaf people flocked to the amusement park, taking advantage of cheap prices and a chance to see old friends and make new friends as well.

I drove down to Doswell, Virginia from Washington, DC with Kathleen and Rico. It took about nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. But with Rico and Kathleen yakking, the timing was not important -- more than 10 times, we saw the familiar faces and hands moving in some cars en route to Doswell -- we knew they were Deaf or associated with Deaf peers on way to the amusement park.

Kathleen complained that she needed to stop at a convenience store to purchase the pack of cigarettes. We exited just south of Fredericksburg, Virginia to a Texaco gas station. Three of us walked in the store as I rushed to the bathroom to piss. I was clearly irritated with the hearing peers around us who thought they are better than us. So I just either 005 at them or stare at them as I would want to infect them with something else.

Kathleen was bit apprehensive about buying cigarettes as she was not profilic in English. So Rico and I pitched in to help her whatever she needed. She chose the pack of Marlboro cigarettes. The cashier asked her for identification. Kathleen did not understand. I told her if she has a passport or driver's license. She said she has Belgium Driver's License. I told her to use it. She gave it to the cashier.

The cashier pulled the book that contained the proof of identification in 50 states and 13 provinces/terrorites in Canada. I quickly intervened the cashier that she is from Belgium.

The cashier looked at me as if I was dumb. I stared at her. She continued to search the book to see if Kathleen's ID matches one of them.

I slammed my finger on the notepad and said, "She is from Belgium!"

She kept on going through and looked at Kathleen and said, "Sorry, I can't sell you this to you because your identification is not in the book."

I shot back, "The book contains only 50 states and Canada!"

The lady said, "Her identification is not in Canada."

I wrote, "Belgium is in Europe!" Then signed in a rapid manner, "You dumbfuck redneck white trash!" to which Rico and Kathleen broke into loud guffaws. I wrote again, "Europe is NOT in Canada or in the United States, get me the manager!"

You could see the hurt in her eyes as I scoffed her to get out of my way and the manager came. I blasted the manager to smithereens that Belgium is a fucking country in Europe -- get that fucking book out of our way! Sure enough, Kathleen went back to my car and retrieved her passport to prove that she is from Europe.

Rico said, "That's enough. Let's go."

Kathleen was bit shaken but offended that some white trash in Virginia actually insisted that Belgium is part of Canada one way or other.

Rico, always obsessed with Mountain Dew, hopped in my car with Kathleen and I wrote back with the final words -- I must have the final words -- to quote McFly's ASL slang: "Me Finish Dry Hot Dog!" -- I wrote, "I understood why you are working as a cashier, retard."

I walked out like Alexis Carrington Colby. Then I got in the car and told Kathleen and Rico -- both smiled with the sense of triumphant feelings. Nobody should doubt us in the first place.

Get this through your skulls -- Belgium is NOT in Canada!

Me finish dry hot dog!


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