Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Few Words About Boxing

Boxing. That word is so disgusting. Just finished watching The Contender. It annoyed me to no end that they said "God was on their side today", "God bless", or used their hands to tap on their forehead, chest then right shoulder and left one to signify the cross.

Do you really think God gives a fuck if someone beat up on someone else? God does not give a fuck if you win or lose. But at least, the Boxers are likely to get sweet doses of Parkinson's Disease. If they got Parkinson's Disease from Boxing, it is a matter of CHOICE that they asked for it -- they do not need to have Medicaid to help out with the medical bills if their bodies kept on shaking like hell.

Boxers, boxing is barbic, stupid, pointless sport -- Sylvester and Sugar Ray, you both are so yesterday -- nobody wants to see you on television or films. Just stay in the past -- nobody gives a fuck about you -- !



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