Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Racist Is Racist

Vincente Fox, the President of Mexico, caused an uproar (which I think is very silly) two weekends ago about the jobs that Mexicans took that African Americans and others do not want. African Americans wept that what Vincente Fox said was racially biased. Boo hoo!

It is true. Just look around.

Clifford Terry (eiffilc of Xanga) can be so racist despite the fact that he is African American. He continues to blame the Caucasians of enslaving African Americans. He claimed that it was the whites who started the slavery ... read what he commented on Graystorm's comment box:
"I am not saying that hes correct or not.. Blacks did work hard on this and that when they were slavery. White did nothing. Shud have said, White wont do the work that Mexcians will do. :-P"

Whites should take the blame? I'm like, "C'mon, move on. Get a life already!"

Did you see Jews blaming Egyptians today for its thousands years of slavery? NO, you do not. They moved on ahead with their lives.

I told Clifford that if he observed the history, whites did as much as blacks did, though. I also mentioned that many Blacks refused to do the menial jobs, they gradually graduated to the other level with better opportunities, creating an available of menial jobs for others to fill, the Mexicans and others happened to fill in.

Clifford Terry claimed that he is not a racist. But read this:
R, thats ur opinion.

I'm not trying to be racist. Whites would not have created this country without Blacks or anyone else. Them, white people are too dumb and think they are gods -- the chosen people that should not be doing the hard work. Power to them black people, they shouldn't have to work the "minimal jobs." They already did that years ago. Cheese rice!

Cheese rice? I heard of that racial slur.

I studied the History of Africa under Dr. Joseph Kinner and got an A in it, I could say that the dark-skinned people in Africa were limited and supersitious and they probably needed a leash from someone to teach and tell them what to do with their lives but I do not do that. Because it is racist.

The idea is to work together, do not delegate the whole jobs to hispanics -- there are many caucasians and African Americans that has to work together in order to make the society a better place to live and work with. But to blame the caucasians for your fucked-up truths is not the way to go.

Clifford then commented the absurd idea of his own:
There are many reasons why the Black wont take the jobs that Mexcian would do. I am blaming your parent's parent's parent's parent's. Them white people.

If you did study the History of Africa and got A in it. Then you shoudl know that Africa would have been one of the powerful country if only White didnt enslaved our great-great-great grandmother and grandfather. We would never have this racist comments. White belittled us to the level that they treated our ancestors as animal. Hunted our family backen then like animals. They had guns! They did the same thing with Native Americans. I am sure you can think at least two reasons why Black and Native Americans refuse to take jobs or do jobs for White that Mexcian would.

If you look at the American History, there was an influx of caucasians that emigrated to this country after the Civil War -- the majority of Caucasians are NOT responsible of slavery. Clifford or many African Americans cannot hold me responsible for what happened in the past. Cliff has no right to accuse my great-great grandparents who never owned slaves.

Cliff also accused the caucasians of instigating the slavery in Africa which is not true. In fact, for thousands of years, the African tribes always battled against each other, raided against each other and enslaved each other. But when the boats came from India, Arabs and Europeans, the idea of slavery trade has began. Was it the caucasians' fault? No, not really. Back then, the slavery was acceptable practice for many groups. If you want to lay the blame, blame it on Africans for enslaving the others and sell the slaves to Europeans who took them to the United States.

The whole point is that you are racist, Clifford.


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