Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Capital Scare

It is silly. Thanks to the Patriot Act, thanks to the paranoia of terrorism by the Bush Administration, there was such a massive drama in Washington, DC when a small but cute plane, CESSNA flew into the no-fly zone. The same plane that crashed into White House and did not really make much damage during the Clinton Administration.

But this time, when it flew in the "no-fly zone" about 17 miles away from the Nation's Capital, massive drama ensued in the Capital and in White House -- people nearly trampled upon each other as people shoved and ran out of the Capital.

Says a lot about our status of paranoia, manufactured by the Bush hooligans who wanted to scare us.

Thanks for the hilarious recaps on CNN of folks running for their lives. I rolled my eyes because it ain't new. It happened before. And will happen again in the future.

It sends a message that we need to get a life. Stop being paranoid about the little things in life.


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