Thursday, May 12, 2005

Again, more hypocrites for Conservatives & Republicans

The Conservatives and Republicans complained that the Democrats are filled with special interest groups. If you look at different groups like "Focus on the Family", "Traditional Values Coalition", "Progress for America" and "Concerned Women of America" -- they are all special interests for Conservatives and Republicans!

Who is lying now?

Look at Tom DeLay, this disgusting man from Texas violated the ethics rules and even went as far as to change the Congressional rules to avoid it -- that man should be out of the office. Effectively.

Oh, the Air Force Academy is not a good school. Thanks to the growing numbers of evangelical Xian idiots in Colorado Springs, they probably influenced the 'tards at AFA. Utterly worrisome for the country that is supposed to be secular by any means.

Oh, GW Bush was biking in the afternoon while everyone else works and ran for their covers? Is this way the President is supposed to serve? By exercising at noon? Not many average Americans can do that at noon -- they had to do it before going to work or after work, and he can?

This man never worked a sweat in his life. He said he knew what it's like to operate a small business. Oh, yeah, like I believe him with that crap.


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