Friday, May 20, 2005

After Page 3, I Stopped Reading This

I was not surprised but I was disgusted and disturbed to a point where I stopped reading at page 3 out of 8.

I cannot stand the Pentagon, CIA, FBI and the Bush Administration crying a huge river about one insignificant bad report by Newsweek about flushing the Koran down the toilet which instigated the anti-American riots in Muslim countries.

People who are Conservatives, Republicans and X-ians thought that Newsweek did a disservice that made Americans look bad -- actually, what Newsweek did was insignificant -- in fact, too many incidents had been coming out of prisons in Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Jordan and in the United States where our soldiers and interrogators bashed people brutally to their deaths.

And the Pentagon always investigated and blamed "few" individuals that did not "follow" the policies -- the truth is that it is the current policy that enabled our soldiers to do whatever is necessary.

This is the reason why many people despised us.

More Americans will be killed anywhere in the world, even in the United States, eventually -- when it happened, don't act like you are a victim. Your silence and support for the troops to torture the accused ones ultimately proved that you are apostate of this behavior.

The Pentagon and the whole United States Armed Forces claimed that they do not tolerate these behavior and shall "investigate" -- in fact, it is another lie, they encouraged it. Again, most folks who are in the Armed Forces are 'tards. That's why they cannot live as civilians. They needed someone to discipline their behavior 24/7.

Sempfer fi? My ass, they lacked the honor and dignity. They are their own joke amongst themselves. They are pitiful creatures that does not deserve to have the welcome mat in this country.


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