Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Need To "Happy Slap" these Idiotic Bootleggers!

When you inserted the DVD or videotape, you'll get the standard message from the FBI warning about the illegal copies of the film. When I was growing up, I thought it was silly message because I do not see the illegal copies in the South, especially in the Shenandoah Valley. Boy, was I ever naive. When I lived in New York, I was stunned to see so many DVD bootleggers selling the DVDs that were released in movie theaters few hours EARLIER! They sell these in very open view of NYPD and MTA cops in subway stations, street corners and yes, in restaurants.

It turned out that someone sat in the auditorium and filmed throughout the whole thing ... it often is grainy, it was said that people could hear the people in the auditorium talking. ONce in while, you'll see a black figure walking past the screen. I really do not care about that, though. But what really pissed me the most is ... its fake indications that it is captioned! They published thousands of "CC" on it so when Deaf persons bought it and realized that it is not even captioned.

Then they made copies to sell at very cheap price.

So reading this was not even a surprise.

Several times, I was approached by them (they are mostly Chinese or Latinos) in restaurants -- they would come in with a backpack, then pull out 20 DVDs then scatter it on the restaurant tables where people are sitting ... then go around again to collect money if anyone bought the DVDs, if not ... they pick up the DVDs and plead you to buy for "their cause".

The restaurant owner/manager tolerated it. If they tolerated this, they should be prosecuted for being the accomplice to the problem.

It was said that these monies financed the sex slave trafficking, but that is what they said.

One time, they put the DVDs on my table while I was dining ... at that time, I have had enough of that crap. So I threw the 10 DVDs off the table, creating a loud crash on the floor as one Chinese gal was stunned to see me do that. I mouthed, "GET OUT!"

Then I called the manager that what she did is illegal. The manager smiled and said, "I know but it is not that bad." I told the bitch that I'll call the cops if she does not leave. The bitch profusely apologized and kicked the fake bootleggers out.

I do not care if they made money for prostitution or whatever but to lie and disparage about the captions where Deaf people worked hard to promote the captions in the last 30 years is very offensive.

* * *

In London, there is the national phenomenon amongst the UK youths that alarmed the adults. It is called "Happy Slapping". I thought it was frightening and yet, so hysterical. If it happened to me, the world shall cease to exist. The people that do this to me would know the true meaning of terror.

What is happy slapping? Because of its popularity with cellphones, the UK youths often bet with their friends that they'll slap people they do not know who on buses, subway trains or wherever they are. Some elderly person would snooze off on the subway train only to find the slap on the cheek -- not cute slap but violent enough to warrant an assault charge -- that jolted or startled the bystanders as the kids fled.

It is not limited to elderly persons -- but the general idea is to have the shock value by bashing on an unsuspecting person just for the sake of a joke. Slapping is not the limited form -- you can punch, kick, push, bash ... as long as it takes someone to film or snap to exchange on the websites.

It is becoming a problem in the United Kingdom.

Some accused MTV. But I think the parents are responsible for their actions. Vida La Bam is hilarious but it already warned that everything they do is scripted, unlike the craze fad in the United Kingdom -- if it should spread in this country, let it start in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

* * *

Here is another awful antics of our beloved government at work -- this is one of many reasons why we alienated the world. We burned too many bridges with many governments to a point where everyone will turn against us.

To tranquilize someone through the anus? What a creative bunch of idiots, only found in the United States of America!


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