Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Angels in America

"The stiffening of your penis is of no consequence!!" -Angel to Prior Walter

"I guess I'll just walk through the wall." -Ethel Rosenberg remarked after Roy Cohn told her that she can't enter his disbarment hearing because she is convicted and executed felon.

"How come they are not called Morons?" -Harper wondering since the Mormons was named after the Angel Moroni whose Joseph Smith claimed to meet in upstate New York some 170 years ago.

"I win!" -Roy Cohn screaming at Ethel Rosenberg when she mistook him to be finally dead but was startled when Roy was faking death.

"And you are not in it." -Belize bluntly told Roy Cohn after the description what Heaven might look like.

"Better had he never lived at all." -Ethel Rosenberg whispered when Roy Cohn finally died.

Angels in America -- I just completed 6-hour long of the DVD today. It is a great film, it is about God abandoning Heaven and its ramifications hit hard on Earth. Lots of metaphors and great quotes that was scripted by Tony Kushner.

A part of me loathed Joseph Porter Pitt, Roy Cohn's clerk, who is Mormon, conservative, Republican who was married to a woman but cruised in the parks, fucking men at his own leisure. When Joe found the guy he thought he loved, he cuts everyone else out. He was thinking for himself, all for himself -- he did not care about anyone else outside of him nor cared whether if his actions harmed others in the process. Later, some blasted him for his lack of decency which Joe was hoping to avoid (sounds like many gay Conervative Republicans, is it?). Then after that, Joe was devastated because everyone abandoned him in the end -- he was hurting so bad. I kinda felt bad for him. Suddenly, there is no update or follow-up on Joe at all. I wondered whatever happened to him afterwards ...

Of course, him being portrayed by Patrick Wilson certainly helped a lot -- he is HOT! Hot to make my legs wobbly. Ahh!

I can see why the film won 11 Emmy Awards.

* * *

IN Fort Myers, Florida -- maybe it was my fag hag, Rachel Pigott who lost her thing on Interstate 75 that caused the whole drama in the area? Relax, Rachel, don't 005 at me! I'm merely joking. But this article is amusing.



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