Sunday, May 08, 2005

Why Do It?

Living in Virginia all my life -- I always stumbled upon some freaks who are interested in reenacting the Civil War by attending to the battlefields, dressed up as soldiers and all that stuff.

I always cringed and thought it was stupid way to honor the dead. They are enjoying playing the roles of people who were actually killed on the battlefields. Do you see anyone playing the role of Hitler and Nazis bombing the cities and reenact the battlefields in Europe between the Allies and the Axis?

Or will we have the reenactments in the Persian Gulf Wars 100 years later?

This is absurd. Even Gus chortled, "Let's make the Twin Towers so that we can re-enact the planes crashing in and having it all tumble down all over again. Cool, is it?"

I snickered in agreement.

To folks who are obsessed with the Civil War -- I grew up in Virginia where the majority of battlefields took place -- grow up and find a new hobby, you necrophiliac freaks!


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