Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Right Foot Says ...

Last year on the LIRR en route to Fire Island, I was bit tired and blah. I was wearing the flip-flops. I decided to admit something to kaybee, wildstarryskies, char, surdus and few others of my secret. They all erupted into laughter that can be reminisced with children giggling when they stumbled upon something not nice.

And today, I'm going to do the same to my readers -- I'm going to show something that is pretty cool and quirky -- when I was a kid, I bumped my middle toe into the corner -- ever since, it is absolutely dead on its own. But I can take advantage of this to annoy people in a discrete manner.

Enjoy this!

Image hosted by
Fook Yi!

Yeah, I have some hair on my toes -- so fucking what!


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