Thursday, May 05, 2005

One Thought about Mayor James West

The complete coverage of Mayor James West, himself a conservative Republican, who was outed by Spokane's Spokesman-Review today, is absolutely great.

It is sending a huge ripple effect in Spokane area that hypocrisy reigns supreme amongst the wicked Xians, filthy Republicans and dirty Conservatives.

The transcript between Mayor James West and the newspaper on the recording tape was GREAT. It is bit long. But you can see how it goes from A to Z -- including the motions that eventually shocked and trapped Mayor James West, thus forced him to decline answering some questions. It was hilarious. Hysterical. Good for them!

When James commented this line, "My private life is my private life and always has been and there's been a strong wall between my public life and my private life. You don't hear me in my public life talking much about my family, which I care deeply about. I go home to my shelter, which is out of the public, there's a high wall between those two."

James, you are an idiot. You had been the public servant of your lifetime, you made it a business to berate the liberals, the gays and the people who sought for equality by any means. You do not have a family of your own. You're all alone in that home of yours. Your only support of "family" is the right-wing conservatives who are anti-gay, you had been duped. And guess what? The Conservatives, Xians and Republicans will dump you away in few days. Mark my words. Then you'll feel alone. Of course, the Gay Community will always give you a chance to redeem yourself -- but you have to let go of your self-loathing psyche. It does not do you well, James West.


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