Sunday, May 15, 2005

Eye Candy

Sometimes I shake my head in amazement with the strides Tyrone Giordano has achieved in the last few years. Words cannot describe how I feel for a dear friend of mine to be in the position where not many people has the opportunity to work with people like Ashton Kutcher.

I wuv ya, Ty.

Enjoy the pics I found floating on some website. Eye candy for others, but for me, by putting it on my blog, I get to preserve a piece of pride for my friends.


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You see, Ashton, it says to whack the infant?

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Oh, defBef is going to kill me because I'm next to Ashton.

Image hosted by
Who can claim that they sat next to Ashton at the beach? I can.

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Ty On A Roll

The captions were not done by Ty himself -- I did. It is all fiction. No need to get excited about it. But the pictures are real.

Looking forward to the next film which Ty will perform with Diane Keaton. Whoo! Many of us are tickled pink and rooted for you, Ty!



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