Friday, May 20, 2005

Today is May 20th!

Don't forget to send me the notes to bitch at anyone and anything in this world and beyond. The deadline is at the end of the day. The email address is -- no names will be revealed. If it does, it will ruin the fun of Bitch Session, really.

Be thoughtful, be funny, be wicked, be creative -- that is all I'm asking for. I got 15 so far, would like to aim for 20 or 25.

I got enough information to work on an entry about RAD's problems. It is petty, shameful and childish. When I am done with few errands, you can bet that I'll dissect the information and pass it to the readers.

Image hosted by On another subject, this picture contains a group of deaf female students at a deaf school (some said VSDB, but I'm not certain) that also included my great-great-great grandmother, Mary Norris.

One thing that I can attest that she is related to me -- she, like me, is surrounded by people. I have great friends that is surrounded next to me -- they are certainly a blessing to have. Yes, sometimes, they can drive me nuts. But they are there for me from day one. Just like Mary and her gang.

Ahh, I just had a chat with an old friend of mine. The conversation somehow evolved into a subject about Julianna Fjeld. This brought a bizarre incident that I had with her. Some of you knew Julianna Fjeld used to produce the television movie called "Love Is Never Silent" where Phyllis Frelich, Ed Waterstreet and Mare Winningham performed that garnered Julianna Fjeld to win the Emmy Award's Best Picture.

Anyway, I saw the photo of her putting the arm around the small pine tree, I believe on her desk at Gallaudet when Julianna was the adjunct professor. I asked her why she had her arm around this particular tree. She went on to tell me that her mother was buried just on this ground and she planted a tree. I thought it was cool. She asked me if I knew about her mother. I shook my head. She said, "She killed herself."

I was sorry about that, then she said, "She burned herself to death."

I flinched and said, "That is odd. Most died by razor blades, hanging or overdose with pills. Why fire?"

Julianna Fjeld shot a line, "Because it served a purpose."

She stared at me as I said nothing. But yet, today, it is one of the most bizarre comments I ever had witnessed. But that is what makes the world interesting, is it?


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